Last Week’s Links

With the Readathon Saturday and a baby shower Sunday I was unable to get this up over the weekend.  Here are all the interesting bookish links I found last week:

Book Reviews:

What happens when a video game comes to life and kidnaps your baby sister? If you want to know, you’ll have to read “Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge,” a middle-grades novel.  Beth over at Beth Fish Reads not only has a review of “Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge,” but an interview with the author, M.K. Scott.

Shelly over at Write for a Reader has a review up of a book I’ve been hearing a lot about: “The Forest of Hands and Teeth.”  From what Shelly says, it sounds like a great young adult book.

Announcements/Other News

Carrie has moved her blog, Books and Movies, to a new domain (and it looks fantastic, by the way!)  She is unable to post a forwarding link from her old blog, so make sure to update your feed readers and links!

If you’re at all interested in “First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria,” (and you should be, as I think my review makes clear), you’d probably also be interested in Eve Brown-Waite’s post about how it feels to be a writer whose first work has must been published.


The major topic of discussion in the Book Blogging Community this week centered around whether or not there is an in-crowd in the book blog world.  Bethany from B&B Ex Libris started the discussion (and posted a wrap-up post based on what she learned from all her commenters).  This prompted Trish of Hey Lady, Whatcha’ Readin’? to post something she’s been thinking about for some time, entitled ‘This Blogging Thing Reminds Me of High School’.  Over at My Friend Amy, we got a slightly different perspective when Amy shared with us ‘Why I Blog.’

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