Helloooo Readathon-ers!

Good morning/afternoon/middle of the night to all of you!

I’m beginning my readathon in the middle of of “The Book Thief” with my trusty bookpile by my side.  The pile has changed a bit from my preliminary list;  I removed “The Help,” “The Witch’s Trinity,” and “The Last Days of the Romanovs” due to two early finishings and an abandonment and added “The Angel’s Game.”  Once I head over to the library to exchange some books I’ll likely add “Shadow of the Wind” and “Gang Leader for a Day” as well.

I’m at least starting my morning in the baby’s room, because it is a clean, quiet, happy place to spend the day.  Some pictures from the beginning of my Readathon:

The space I made in the baby’s room to read:


Since I’m in the baby’s room, I have to give you all a couple of sneak peeks of the not-quite-finished room:



My bookpile:



The Book Buddy, all loaded up with “The Book Thief” and ready to go:



What are you reading to start out?  Where are you reading?   Are you happy with your book pile?

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