TSS: Nesting

tssThis is the first weekend of my husband’s spring break (he teaches high school), so we are working on preparing our home for the baby.  This is really our big opportunity, because the baby is due the day after his last day of school.  The main thing we’re working on this weekend is getting his desk and other office stuff out of the 2nd bedroom and into our bedroom so we can get the baby’s furniture out of storage and into our condo.  We’ll probably have to bring the furniture over today because the weather forecast is showing rain starting tomorrow through next weekend.  

Based on what we need to get done (he may not have to go to work this week, but I do), I doubt I’ll get much reading done today, other than listening to “A Rose for the Crown” by Anne Easter Smith on audiobook while I clean.  I wouldn’t actually have as much to do today if I hadn’t started such a good book Friday night that I had difficulty doing anything but reading it yesterday.  The book was “First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria” and my review will be up on April 15th, but it was GREAT.  I think I have a little girl crush on the author, Eve Brown-Waite, I just loved her style and sense of humor.  

While I’m not super excited about cleaning, organizing, and reorganizing instead of having a lazy reading weekend, I AM super excited about getting ready for the baby.  Having his nursery ready will make it all seem more real, the fact that in about 3 more months we’ll have a sweet little boy living in an Eric Carle-themed room just across the hall.


By the way, if you haven’t been noticing my lastest posts show up on your feed reader, you may need to update your subscription here.  My feeds went all wonky after I switched to feed burner.

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