Throw Out Fifty Things Weekend…Continued

Perhaps I was a little optimistic to think that I could accomplish all of my throwing out of fifty things in a single weekend.  Since I simply do NOT have the energy to tackle the kitchen tonight, that will have to be continued tomorrow, possibly along with my bookshelves and some other areas of the house.  So far I’m very happy with the results, even if it is hard and not always fun work.

3 comments to Throw Out Fifty Things Weekend…Continued

  • I’m very impressed with what you’ve gotten done! I’ve been working on a major book purge/reorganization and so have been concentrating only on my bedroom — but I’ve been able to go through a whole lot of accumulated “stuff” as well as my books.

    Here’s to spring cleaning! It feels great.

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  • You’ve done such a good job so far! I go through periodic decluttering around the apartment every few months or so, but this book seems like a really organized way to go about it. I’m seriously going to look for this book when it comes out, since reading your posts is planting the decluttering seed in my mind right now…

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  • You have accomplished so much already. I’m totally impressed.

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