Throw Out Fifty Things Weekend – The Bathroom

I can never seem to keep my bathroom organized.  The guest bathroom, that’s fine, but mine?  Yikes.  It gets messy really quickly and then proceeds to drive me absolutely insane until I finally get around to cleaning it up again.  

Now, partially this is because our bathroom is small and I am sort of lazy.  However, I have no doubt that this is all compounded by the fact that I have extra junk in there that we will never use.  Things that should be thrown away.  

Gail has a couple of hints that I’m going to keep in mind as I attack this room:

  1. Go for the old and expired stuff first (who wants clumpy nail polish after all?)
  2. With what is left, think about whether it is appropriate to how you feel or want to feel now (perhaps that eyeshadow is new, but if it looks terrible on you, get rid of it for crying out loud).

This might be a place to mention something I’ve really appreciated about this book: the tips Gail has given on how to get rid of stuff without a negative impact on the environment.  A major focus in this chapter is old medication.  Now, we don’t really have any old medication around here, but if we did, it would be really helpful to know that flushing it down the toilet can be dangerous to the water supply and that pharmacies will often collect your old medication for proper disposal.



  • Old makeup bag – 1
  • Travel toiletries bag – 1
  • Half used/travel lotions I don’t like – 1
  • Samples – 1
  • Old, sticky sunscreens – 1
  • Colognes my husband doesn’t wear – 1



  • An unopened lavendar bath set I’ll never use – 1

Total Gone:

That makes 7 things in the bathroom.

So far I’m up at 21 things.  We’ll have to see how much the kitchen yields, since we don’t have a garage or an attic.


  • The stuff we use

Need to Buy:

  • Nada


Here’s what went:


2 comments to Throw Out Fifty Things Weekend – The Bathroom

  • I recently did this in my linen closet where the toiletries were starting to replicate themselves. I ended up donating a HUGE bag of soaps and lotions and other lovely things to a women’s shelter and it felt so good to do so. And yes, out went the clumpy nail polish. I often open up the door just to gaze on the order. These posts are very inspiring!

    Book Club Girl’s last blog post..Oscar and Oliver and Isabel!

  • I have to do this every few months it seems. Our bathroom is really small too. I do still have a lipstick I bought over 10 years ago though that I can’t bear to throw out because it is Dior and it cost a mint.

    lenore’s last blog post..Friday Fabulous! (7)