Throw Out Fifty Things Weekend – Living Room/Dining Room

Now, Gail recommends that you start with your bedroom, but my husband’s sick and still in bed, so I’m going to let him stay there a little longer.  She also considers the living room and dining room two separate rooms, but ours clearly are not.  In fact, as you can see they are my library as well.  Here are some ‘before’ pictures.  Of the living/dining room as they are on this Saturday morning after a busy week (man, I hate sharing my messes with the world!):






As you can see, the living room/dining room is currently ruled by paper: books and mail everywhere.  There’s also a bunch of baby stuff that we didn’t have a place for when my sister was still living with us in the baby’s room, I guess it is time to put that in its place.

Gail reminds us that these areas are where you entertain and you want to think about how you want people to feel when they walk in.  In our case, it is also the front entrance of our house, so this becomes even more important.

Everything in my ‘keep’ box needs to be put in storage, put in the right place, or have a storage solution purchased/created.

The scorecard:


  •  Huge pile of junk mail – 1
  • Magazines more than 1 month old – 1
  • Nasty old tote bag – 1
  • Nasty old cat toy- 1
  • 3 old pairs of shoes from our shoe area – 1
  • Gloves without partners – 1




  • Boyfriend chair – 1
  • Two old throw blankets – 1
  • Pitcher we didn’t ask for, won’t use, and don’t have room for – 1
  • Old vacuum we’ve replaced – 1
  • Two jackets I’ve never worn and probably never will – 1
  • A useless little knickknack – 1 
  • A candle whose scent I’m not fond of – 1 

Total Gone:

13 things – MUCH better than I thought I would get, actually.


  • Mail that is actually important
  • Shoes to keep that don’t need to be out with the most-used shoes
  • Saw horses
  • Bike car rack
  • Lap blanket
  • Inflatable bed 

Need to Buy:

  • Nice, new catnip toy
  • Mail sorter

The Result: MUCH better!



Yes, we still need to do things like put our pictures back on the wall (they’ve been down since my husband painted), but at least it looks livable in here.  I think, though, that I’ll save the bookcases for later, either another time or later this weekend, since they probably deserve a post for themselves.  Besides, Zach doesn’t want me to do anything with them yet:

img_7891He’s very protective, evidently.  

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