This Week’s Links – Galway Bay edition

Book Reviews:

Excitement at Beth Fish Reads’ blog: learn the real name of our reviewer and see what she received from the author while reading her review of “Zig-Zagging” and her interview with author Tom Wilson.

Wendi of Wendi’s Book Corner decided to keep her review and author interview for “Everyone is Beautiful” separate.  The interview is going up on Monday, but you can read her review here and see why she says this book is perfect for every one (or at least every woman).

Other Book/Blog News

Trish of Hey Lady, Whatcha’ Readin’? is trying to organize a book blogger retreat in Portland in July (including a trip to Powells!).  Check out her post and let her know if you’re interested.

My Friend Amy has started a new series highlighting bookstores and literary events in Southern California.  For her first post in this series she shares with us the existence of…wait for it…THE ONE DOLLAR BOOKSTORE!  Hello, this bookstore has three locations in Southern California and the books are ONE DOLLAR.  Oh, and for every 5 books you buy, you GET ONE FREE.  Hopefully Amy will meet me there when I’m visiting my family this summer.

Over at Books and Movies, Carrie has a post about why she loves audiobooks, what books translate best into audiobooks, adn a list of her favorite audiobooks.   


Man, oh man.  In case you haven’t read a single book blog in the last week and thus don’t know this, there was a huuuge blog tour for the fantastic-sounding historical fiction book “Galway Bay.”  Many of those participating in the tour have giveaways attached.  Here are just some of the blogs that have this book up for offer (but don’t go enter! I want to win this!): Jenn’s Bookshelf; Booking Mama.  Booking Mama also has an entire list of other blogs who hosted “Galway Bay” in this tour, feel free to browse through them and see if any of the others have giveaways as well.

If “Galway Bay” isnt’ your cup of tea, Julie at Booking Mama also has a giveaway going on of “Godmother,” which sounds absolutely charming.

If your bookshelves are too full and you don’t want any more books right now (if so, who ARE you?), you can also win some jewelry this week.  Marta of Marta’s Meaderings is participating in a promotion from Cheerios to help raise awareness about heart disease and provide women in need with free screenings.  As part of this promotion, she is giving away two freshwater pearl bracelets.  Marta will have a bunch of other giveaways this week, so check her out.

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