The Tory Widow – Book Review

The Tory Widow by Christine Blevins

Anne was married off by her father to a well-off older man, a printer, in New York City and now, in 1775, she finds herself Widow Merrick, a woman trying to eke out a living from her late Tory husband’s business in a turbulent time.  After her press is destroyed by the Sons of Liberty and Jack Hampton she reopens as the Liberty Coffeehouse and eventually begins to fall for Jack, her ever-present customer.

It was very interesting looking at the Revolutionary War through the eyes of a single woman trying make a living regardless of who was in control of the city.  I liked Anne as a character, she was strong and courageous, but didn’t seem out of place in her time period.  I had a bit of trouble at first believing she’d fall for Jack after a particularly bad stunt he pulled when Anne’s press was being raided, but eventually his rakish attitude won me over (I had one other bit of difficulty with him near the end, but I liked him apart from that).

Although Christine Blevins’ stories have more of a romance aspect than I generally like in my historical fiction it works for me in her books for some reason.  As much as I liked “Midwife of Blue Ridge,” I liked this one even better.  If you like historical fiction/historical romance, this is a book to look into.

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