The Thirteenth Tale – Book Review

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

So now I understand why book bloggers and LibraryThingers have just gone on and on about this book.  The narrator, Margaret Lea, is a literary-minded young woman biographer who has been enlisted to write the life of the famous story teller Vida Winter.  Ms. Winter has previously lied to every biographer she has had, but she promises Margaret she will not do so this time.  Between Ms. Winter’s stories and some of her own detective work, Margaret finally gets to the heart of Ms. Winter’s true tale.

This is a book after a book-lover’s heart.  Having grown up in a used bookshop, Margaret venerates books, speaking of them with both passion and compassion.  Vida Winter too is enamored with the printed word, having, among other things, a number of different copies of Jane Eyre. Don’t think that all “The Thirteenth Tale” has going for it is a love letter to books, though, the story completely drew me in; I could not wait to see how the tale would unravel.

I listened to the audio version of this book and that was a wonderful experience for me.  Although I think it is harder for me to initially get into an audiobook (the printed words say ‘story!’ more to me than does a voice on my Ipod), this one was quite well done, the readers were absolutely phenomenal.

This is a definite recommendation for just about anyone.  The story is fantastic and the audio will make a commute or a long trip simply fly by.

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