The Sunday Salon – This Week in Links

Below are some of the interesting links from book blogs this past week:


Amy started an interesting discussion about the ettiquette of attending an author’s book signing.  Do you need to buy a book or can you take books you already have?

What’s the most horrific way you’ve ever ruined a book?  Natasha asked this question after inadvertantly ruining an ARC.  Evidently a lot of us have completely ruined books, because Natasha has gotten a LOT of answers.

Book Reviews

Beth reviewed “Igraine the Brave” this week and it sounds like a really fantastic book for late-elementary and middle school girls.  On a somewhat but not really related topic, Tracy reviewed “My Little Red Book,” a collection of stories about women and their first periods.

Shelly has me coveting a what looks like a great picture book, “A Carousel Tale,” that looks like it has gorgeous illustrations.

Wendi reviewed “Silent on the Moor,” a book I’ve been avoiding.  The cover had me worrying about how good it would actually be but, according to Wendi, “Silent on the Moor” has a great story line and well-written characters.

Other Cool Things

Nicki of Fyrefly’s Book Blog recently created a search engine just for some book blogs so that she can easily find reviews other bloggers have done of the books she is reviewing.  Plus, she has been kind enough to share it with us

4 comments to The Sunday Salon – This Week in Links

  • That totally cracks me up! A book about women and their first periods…well, every time the subject comes up between my friends and I (and it does, as we all have tween-age girls) you always get hilarious stories. Also, I’m really excited about the search engine created by Nicki…I will check it out. Awesome! Thanks for passing it along!

  • Silent on the Moor is very, very good! I know, the cover is terrible, but the series is good and worth reading.

  • Those were two of my favorite discussion posts this week (well, besides my discussion post with Reviewer X about Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak…but I digress…).

  • Thanks for the uber-cool link from Fyrefly’s site!! I just used it and it worked beautifully!!!