Sunday Salon: Ta-ta for now!

The beginning of this week was a great one for reading, although the end of the week has been a bit slow.  Sunday I finished “The Jewel Trader of Pegu,” which will be reviewed tomorrow; Tuesday it was “To Hold the Crown,” which I reviewed on Wednesday – a review in which I discussed what exactly passed for ‘handsome’ in the 14th-16th centuries; Wednesday I finished “The School of Essential Ingredients” after reading half of it before I fell asleep Tuesday night and the other half at lunch on Wednesday.  My review is going to post on Wednesday, but I’m just going to say ‘wow!’ for now.  It was totally beautiful and captivating.  In fact, I think it led to my inability to truly start reading “Signora DaVinci” until Friday night.  “Signora DaVinci” is great so far, but for days I just couldn’t get into the first few pages, a side effect of the amazingness of “The School of Essential Ingredients.”  Hopefully I can do more in my review than just rave about the book incoherently, though.

Anyway, onto the title of this post.  I’m gone from Monday morning through Friday early afternoon this week to work a conference for work.  You probably won’t really notice my absense, because I am planning to go and finish up some posts right now so something goes up every day – heck, that’s actually more content than I have put up for quite some time.  I will also have my Blackberry with me, so I can moderate comments and such from time to time, but I won’t be able to do much (if any) socializing around blogland.  Don’t be surprised if you have great posts and don’t get any comments from me, don’t see me on LibraryThing, etc.  This will probably also be a bit of a poor reading week for me, but I’m hoping to sneak some in whenever I can.  

I hope you all have a fantastic week of blogging and reading.  I’ll see you when I return! 

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  • Hope that you have a good week at your conference and that you find plenty of time to read.

  • Have a safe trip. We’ll miss you on Twitter!

  • I will be reading and reviewing The Jewel Trader of Pegu later this month and so will probably skip your review until I’ve had a chance to read the book for myself. Hopefully you liked it. :-)

    Have a great time at the conference!

  • I’m going to be reading School of Essential Ingredients later this week!!

    Have fun at your conference!!!

  • Have a good trip, Jenn. I understand how traveling can be.

  • I had the reverse of your week — the start of the week was terrible for reading, but I got some quality time toward the end.

    The School of Essential Ingredients is in my TBR pile. Probably going to go into the “Save this for when you need to read something amazing” pile based on the reviews I’ve seen so far. (Am I the only person who hoards good reads like this? It’s just comforting to know that when I find myself finishing a lackluster book, I can pull out something fantastic to follow it.)

    Hope all goes well with the conference!

  • I hope you have a good trip – and find some time for reading!

  • *Visualizing Jen with the conference brochure discreetly covering up the book she’s sneak-reading*

  • I hoard books, too, Ruth! :)

    Have a great week, Jen!

  • I love advance posting! It saves my life during busy times!

  • Liz

    So many aspects to respond to! I guess I’ll start with assigned reading. I think it’s good, overall, because it forces you to read books you might otherwise pass up. Now, unlike you, I did not fall in love with John Steinbeck. But I appreciate that at least I’ve read some of his work. “Sister Carrie?” If not for sophomore literature class, never would have cracked the title.

    This has been a so-so week for reading. Started a book I hated, finished a book I loved! That was great escapism, fun espionage, Deadly Exchange. It has it all — high-technology, spies, intrigue, danger, conspiracy, even romance. Don’t miss it!