Signora Da Vinci Giveaway!

Yesterday I reviewed “Signora Da Vinci,” the new book by Robin Maxwell.  Today I am pleased to announce that I have two copies to give away!

To enter, leave a message on THIS POST ONLY.  Your message MUST include what it is that makes you want to read this book, or it will not count.

I am sending this book out myself and am willing to send up to one copy anywhere in the world, the other I would prefer to keep to North America due to postage.  Because of this, please let me know if your mailing address is not in North America so I can be sure not to pick two people on other continents.

I will announce the winners Friday, March 6th.

Good luck!
Oh!  And don’t forget to check back on the morning of Friday, February 27th for Robin’s guest post!

29 comments to Signora Da Vinci Giveaway!

  • I love Robin Maxwell and have read all of her other books. This one is getting great reviews and I am dying to read it! Please enter me, I’m low on Historical Fiction set in Italy…

    Thanks for a great contest!

  • MJ

    I haven’t read any of her books but I’ve heard great things about it.

  • Please toss my name in the pot! I’d really like to read this. If you don’t mind, could you put me on the international side for this one? I can only haul so many books on my next trip and I’m not sure when I’m going back after that. Thanks Jen!

  • Kathy

    I have just started reading some historical fiction, but have never read any “girly” historical fiction as BookingMama called it one day, so I’d like to give it a try.

  • Oh, I didn’t say why I wanted to read it. I am bad at this, aren’t I? I hope I still count. Anyway, I have trouble with Robin Maxwell when it comes to historical people, but since this one is mostly fictional, I think I’ll be able to enjoy the storytelling without getting caught up in the problems.

  • I usually enjoy any historical fiction novel. In addition, I tend to fancy all things Italian. :) Thanks!

  • I’d love to read this.

    I heart historical fiction :)

  • Da Vinci fascinates me – as do the many “conspiracy” theories that surround him. I think the take on all this thru his mother’s eyes would be quite interesting. I’d love to read this one.


  • lindymc

    Sad to say, I’ve heard of Leonardo da Vinci my whole life, but really don’t know much about him except that he painted some very famous paintings. Hopefully this book will serve to educate, as well as entertain, me.

  • I’d love the chance to win this book. I love historical fiction, but most of the historical fiction I’ve read to this point has been based in England or the United States. It would be nice to read something different for a change.

  • Of course I want to read this book! Please enter me in the drawing, I’m in the USA. I would like to read this book because of the good reviews it has received; and also interested in this time period and the subjects themselves. This book will enlighten me on many things! Thanks for a great site.

  • I’ve heard such good things about this book, but haven’t picked it up yet. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Nicole

    ooo i would love to win and read this!! i’m in canada! =)

  • Carlene P

    Please include me in your drawing. I am in the great state of TEXAS.

  • Christina Brunetti

    I love historical fiction so this sounds like a great read.

  • Blodeuedd

    I have been wanting to read this for a while so would love to win, and I am one of those none North American people :) Finland that is

  • The saying goes, “Behind every great man is a woman”. To be able to read about a woman who not only birthed but supported a man of such reknown as DaVinci is captivating. I would love the chance to enter this drawing and to be able to peruse “Signora da Vinci”. Thanks for the opportunity! Indigo

  • No need to sign me up. I will be hosting a giveaway of this book next month.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  • Kim

    I love reading historical fiction! I’m looking forward to reading this book, but wait to see if I’ve won it before I buy it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anything related to Da Vinci is interesting to me and I would love to read this one. I am not international, just USA. Thanks for the great review and post!

  • Cassandra

    Hello! I so enjoy your reviews!
    Personally, I would love to read this book because, well, I have never read anything concerning the Renaissance before! I generally stay in Medieval times and the 18th century (i.e. Elizabeth Chadwick books and anything concerning the french revolution and the like). I would love to FINALLY broaden my scope and learn about a new time in history. In addition, I love book that center around strong women and their much deserved place in history!
    I am a History grad student, living in Oregon.
    Thanks so much for your time and the opportunity!

  • Renee G

    I’d like to read this because I feel the woman’s point of view might provide an interesting perspective on this time.


  • It is about time the Signora received a bit of attention!! Please enter me. Thank you so much!!

  • O PLEASE enter me! After reading Robin Maxwell’s novel, The Queen’s Bastard, she has become one of my favorite historical fiction writers. I’m so excited that she branched out from the Tudor history. I love historical fiction and Leonard daVinci is such a fascinating character. Thank you!!!!!

  • Laura Carroll

    I have read so much about this book on the blogosphere, and I’m really anxious to see if everyone is right. I’d have not read anything else by Maxwell, and think this would be a great start. Thanks!

  • Cheryl S.

    I love the romance of the Italian Renaissance. I’ve seen many DaVinci works in my travels & am fascinated by him. It would be great to read about his mother & her influence on him.

    Please count me in – Thanks!

  • Meenoo

    I would love to receive a copy because my local public library does not even have a copy listed in their catalog! I love historical fiction, especially stories about a famous person from a different point of view. Please count me in–I am not international.

  • CeCe Sloan

    Hello, I want the book , because frankly I love the idea of Leonardo….Also, a friend wrote that Robin will be in Pasadena on Monday and I am running a class on Shakespeare and cannot make it up there. and 3) I am on the author’s selection committee of the Literary Guild of Orange County and we have a festival each year featuring 8 women writers. and 4) I have limited reading time in a very busy volunteer life schedule and spend it reading women authors. and 5) it is free, I assume.
    CeCe Sloan
    a feisty 76 year old do it all kind of woman.

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