Old Man’s War – Book Review

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

At 75, John Perry is finally ready to join the CDF (Colonial Defense Force).  No, he was not merely putting it off, the CDF only takes recruits aged 75; although everyone assumes that CDF must have the power to make older people young again, nobody knows for sure as nobody has ever seen a CDF soldier after they left Earth.

“Old Man’s War” was John Scalzi’s first novel.  Although I’m not generally a fan of science fiction, Scalzi entranced me with his newest book, “Zoe’s Tale” (my review), which is the latest in the Old Man’s War series.  I can tell that Scalzi has been honing his craft because I definitely think “Zoe’s Tale” was a smoother novel than “Old Man’s War,” but I still found Old Man’s War very intriguing and well-written.  John Perry is an immensely likeable character, even when he’s being a smartass (which is often), and the world Scalzi creates definitely took me away.

Reading “Old Man’s War” definitely convinced me to continue in the Old Man’s War series to catch myself back up to where “Zoe’s Tale” took off.  I don’t think, however, that I have been persuaded to try any other science fiction.

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