Last Week’s Links

I didn’t get a chance to post this over the weekend, but here are some of the neat things I found in the land of book blogs last week:

First of all, Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’ is giving away a slanket (actually 2).  I really should just stop right here because that’s pretty much too cool for words, but I’m going to keep going, in hopes that you all forget about it and don’t enter the contest, because I REALLY want to win one.  Hello!  How great would that be for reading, knitting, working at the computer?  Anyway, don’t go over to Trish’s post and don’t enter her giveaway because a ridiculous number of people have entered already and I don’t want you to make my chances any worse than they are.

Over at Write for a Reader Shelly featured a great interview…with herself!  Another blogger sent her some questions and she answered them in what seems like a pretty fun get to know your blogger meme.  If you leave a comment and ask nicely, she might even send you some questions to answer yourself. 

My Friend Amy reviewed what sounds like a really great, if extremely depressing, work of historical fiction called “Winter in Madrid.”  Pop over there to find out how someone can like a book that they say makes them want to kill themselves. 
Or, if that sounds too depressing for you, you could check out Amy’s musings on Sunday about James Patterson and why he’s a best seller.  Since James Patterson isn’t super common fare on book blogs, her thoughts may surprise you.

Speaking of historical fiction (were we?  I guess we sort of were, a few sentences back), Jennifer from LiterateHousewife had a great, thought-provoking discussion about the nature of historical fiction.  Where do you put the emphasis, on ‘historical’ or on ‘fiction’?  Find out what Jennifer and others had to say and join the conversation!

Just what we all need right now, a book about a business trying not to fail, right?  Except Kathy of Bermudaonion’s review makes “Very Valentine” sound like a a poignant, interesting, and not even depressing book.  Although it seems a little out of my preferred genre, this does sound like a fun book to read.

Marta also reviewed a fantastic sounding book this week.  Barbara Delinsky’s “While My Sister Sleeps” just went on sale this month, read her review and find out why it is already one of Marta’s favorites.

If you’re a fan of the Twilight series you’ll want to hurry yourself straight over to Book Room Reviews’ post from Saturday, because she’s got the scoop on what’s current with the New Moon movie, as well as pics of some of the (male) stars.

Lastly, we have two reviews that made me hungry.  First was Beth’s review of “More Home Cooking,” a series of essays on food and family.  Then was Wendi’s review of “Confetti Cakes for Kids,” something that would either make me raid a bakery or make me an overly ambitious baker.  You should check out this post if for no other reason than to see the cake Wendi made for her son’s birthday, it is totally amazing.

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