BTT: Authors Talk

Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

I do read author blogs, although just a few.  I want from author blogs what I want from all blogs: that they be interesting, meaning they need to be well-written and have interesting content.  I generally want a mix of a discussion about personal life, general thoughts, and an author’s work.  Each of the three author blogs I read has these elements to varying degrees.

  • Whatever by John Scalzi: I first started reading Whatever when John linked to my review of his book Zoe’s Tale in a post about how the book was being received, as evidence that it was being enjoyed by people who aren’t big fans of Science Fiction.  As the title indicates, Whatever is largely a random collection of just whatever John decides to post about, from politics, to his animals, to his work, to bacon.  The posts are generally humourous and often insightful.  Scalzi is also a fairly prolific blogger, so there’s almost always something new to read.
  • Scobberlotch by Karen Harrington: Karen’s blog philosophy is a bit like John’s.  Scobberlotch is, of course, a verb meaning “to loaf around doing nothing in particular” (when I say ‘of course’ I mean I learned that from Karen’s blog and don’t expect anyone else would know it).  I think Karen’s blog could best be described as mostly bookish randomness.  She participates in many of the same memes as many book bloggers and of course plugs her good reviews and guest posts.  Karen’s blog is usually fun and sometimes laugh out loud funny.
  • Farworld by J. Scott Savage: Of all of the author blogs I read, this one is most focused on actually being a writer.  For instance, the latest blog post is entitled “Getting Published 101.”  This is primarily a blog about Scott’s experience selling his first book (part of a children/young adult series) to a publisher and what the experience of actually being published has been like for him.  I found this author and this blog when he organized a huge blog tour last spring for the release of his first book, sending ARCs to (I think) 200 bloggers and guaranteeing each of them another ARC to give away as they pleased, as well as a guest post or interview.

What great author blogs am I missing that I should be reading?  Where do you come down in prefering the mix of shop-talk, life, and randomness?

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  • Shannon Hale’s blog is one of the best author blogs out there. I loved her “how to be a reader” series. Great posts about literacy. I love it when she posts.

    Cynthia Leitich Smith has TONS of interviews and guest posts of fellow authors. Always something to read there.

  • Love Cynthia LS’s blog (Cynsations) too. I actually read A LOT of author blogs – probably at least 30 on a semi-regular basis.

  • I like a nice mix. I want them to talk about their books if something exciting is happening with them, but otherwise not as a promotional tool. Then random stuff or life posts the rest of the time, I guess. I don’t know – I’m just interested!

  • I almost forgot to count John Scalzi, mostly because I haven’t read any of his books (although I think one day I might cross my genre-fiction line for him), but I read his blog religiously. Thanks for reminding me that he definitely belongs on my list for this week’s BTT (which I haven’t finished yet).

  • I really enjoy Beth Kephart’s blog ( It’s one of six that I currently read. (I also read Laurie Halse Anderson’s, Neil Gaiman’s, Libba Bray’s, John Green’s & Robin McKinley’s. I think McKinley’s is my least favorite, pained though I am to admit it–she uses footnotes and I don’t think that works well in a blog form.)

  • Kathy

    I have Karen Harrington’s blog in my reader, too.

  • I read Karen Harrington’s, Shannon Hale’s, Laurie Halse Anderson’s and Abigail Carter’s blogs.

  • Bluestocking

    J. Scott Savage is on my list too!

  • I haven’t spent a lot of time at author’s blogs but I do read Shannon Hale’s, Nic Sheff’s, and Laurie Halse Anderson.

    The 3 that you highlighted sound really cool and I’m going to check them out!

  • Two others I read that haven’t been mentioned are Justine Larbalestier’s and Nick Harkaway’s.