TSS: The (Monday) Salon – Vacation and a Bookstore

So this Sunday Salon is incredibly late.  First of all, it would have been much more timely over the weekend of Martin Luther King Day.  Second of all, now that I am finally getting around to writing it, it is Monday, not Sunday.  Normally I would have just skipped the Salon in this case, but I did want to share this with all of you.

Over the long weekend last week my husband and I took a little ‘babymoon’ – a nice trip before the baby comes and makes it harder for the two of us to get away.  This was good timing for us because of the long weekend; plus, I’m not so big yet as to be unwieldy and am far enough along that I’m not constantly nauseous.  Now, a three-day weekend isn’t really all that much time if you have to do a lot of traveling, so we decided to do somthing in driving distance.  Our plan was to go to a bed and breakfast somewhere in Wisconsin or Michigan.  Then we found out about Door County, WI, just north of Green Bay (actually right on the bay itself).  A friend and coworker recommended a little Inn she and her husband had stayed at and since it is just about a 5-hour drive from us, we went for it. 

It was a very nice little Inn.  Our room had a bedroom (with whirlpool tub), a living room with fireplace, and a kitchenette where we made almost all of our meals.  It was pretty cheap, too, since this is definitely the ‘off’ season up there (yes, the temperature did hover around zero with windchill the whole time we were there, yes that actually felt pretty nice after the -30 windchill we had the week before we left).  The area was absolutely gorgeous.  It was overcast and snowing the first day we were there, as you can see from the above picture of the Inn, but Sunday and Monday it cleared up.  The picture to the left is of the state park across the frozen lake.  It was a very bucolic landscape and with all of the snow it was a veritable winter wonderland. 

One of the best things in this bucolic little area was the sweet little barn-looking, snow-capped bookstore, “Passtimes Books”.  I clearly have a very good husband, because he noticed a reference to the bookstore in the little guide to the surrounding towns we picked up at the Inn and happily assumed we would go there.  Although he’s not anywhere near as big a reader as I am, he does enjoy browsing through bookstores.  This was a little mom and pop operation, with handmade signs about reading and writing decorating the ends of the shelves. 

Another neat and clever thing at this little bookstore, is the way they had figured to dispose of the ARCs they and their few employees didn’t want or didn’t have a chance to read.  Since one isn’t supposed to actually sell ARCs, they basically used them as a reward to the customers that supported them financially.  For every $25 you spent in the store at one time, you could choose an ARC from the shelf they had.  Again, I have a good husband.  He assumed that I would want an ARC and we set about finding what we would like to read in the store that added up to at least $25.  Because of his last minute addition to the pile of books, we actually got to choose two ARCs.    Our little haul included the following: For me, “Monsters of Templeton” by Lauren Groff and “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver; for my half-Danish husband (really, for both of us), “Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend” by Kvideland Reimund; and my two ARCs, “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave (being released next month) and “Shakespeare: The Biography” by Peter Ackroyd (a couple of years old). 

The rest of the weekend was lovely as well.  We spent our evenings sitting by the fire listening to the audiobook of “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, which we had originally brought just for the car ride but which my husband really got into.  Our days were spent either lounging around or cross-country skiing through the gorgeous state park. 

All in all, a great babymoon.


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  • That sounds like a great trip, and what a wonderful way to have some quality time pre-baby! Thanks for sharing this trip with us. Hubby and I are hoping to plan a trip back to Chicago in the fall (we went to college there), and I’d love to extend it up to this area for a few days.

  • That was an awesome post! I love hearing about the personal side of the bloggers I read! First of all, I don’t think I appreciated your being pregnant, so congrats. It is truly a gift that God gave to women, at least after the nausea! I loved the whole darned process. I give you some credit for venturing out in such weather, but I’m sure it lent itself to snuggling. There is nothing better than finding a mom and pop bookstore. That is always the cherry on top of a vacation!

    FYI, I LOVED “The Historian”. I need to read it again someday.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

  • What a great idea, a babymoon! I bet you’ll appreciate it in a few months. And what a gorgeous place! It looks just perfect. Glad to hear you’re feeling well.

    I like that idea re: the ARCs as bonus gifts. I may suggest that to my local bookstores. I’ve see a lot of ARCs for sale.

  • What a wonderful husband you have! I’m married to a former English professor who does a lot of reading (and writing) himself, but he still manages to steer me away from any bookstores I may stumble across. You’re a lucky girl!

  • What a lovely trip!! Your hubby sounds awesome and I’m so glad that you two enjoyed the bookstore…what a clever idea to get rid of the ARC’s!! The state park looks gorgeous!! enjoy this time !!

  • Sounds like a great little mini-vacation. That also sounds like a really cute little bookstore!

  • What great trip, and I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. I probably would have alternated between reading by the fire and playing in the snow. I have the Monsters of Templeton as well and am looking forward to reading it.

  • Kathy

    I’m glad you had such a good time. That bookstore looks great.

  • Ali

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! When I lived in Madison we used to camp in Door County pretty often, but I don’t think I’ve ever been there in the winter. It’s beautiful!

  • That sounds like a great trip. I have heard great things about Door County, as we have family in that area.

    Monsters of Templeton is really good too!