TSS: Back in the Salon

Okay, so I’m pretty sure it has been a few months since my last Sunday Salon post.  I’m sorry, I’ve missed you all!  I swore that today was the day I was going to get back into it.  Of course, life intervened and now I’m writing it much later than intended and this will probably be a short post.  My husband and I got new phones today and ended up getting BlackBerrys and all I want to do is play with my new toy.  

I got the red one and he got the titanium.

Anyway, when I’m not playing with this new toy, I’m working on a few different books right now: “How to Be a Villain;” The Magician’s Book” by Laura Miller; and “Sunne in Splendor” by Sharon Kay Penman.  Actually, thinking about “Sunne in Splendor” is almost drawing me away from the BlackBerry.  I’m really on an historical fiction kick right now (when am I not, though?) and am loving this work of Penman’s on The War of the Roses.  “The Magician’s Book” is pretty interesting too, basically literary criticism/memoir of the Chronicles of Narnia.  

What are you reading right now?  What in your life is completely distracting you from reading?

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  • Just finishing up The Little Giant of Aberdeen County – really great debut novel. I am itching to start another quilt….

  • I’m reading Ted Dekker and sadly distracted by tasks such as where am I going to store all these books? ah well.

    I have been contemplating a Blackberry as well.

  • I’d love a Blackberry, but I have a really bad habit of dropping my phones in the pool, the washing machine, etc. I’m not worthy! I purchase the cheapest blue tooth available.

    I am reading, for the first time, Wuthering Heights. I have a couple of blogging friends reading it with me. I am sufficiently and delightfully horrified by this novel. I have also started listening to the audiobook of Outlander, the first in the series and also one of my 2009 challenges. There are over 200 discs in the series, so I have a long road ahead!

  • Very nice! You’ll be twittering all the time now. :)

  • I love your new toys! I’d love to have one, but have absolutely no reason for it yet, so will wait until I do. :)

    When I’m not being totally distracted by my decluttering process, I’m reading Life is Like a Line by Cynthia Sabotka. It is the story about a family broken by a lifetime of deceit and the mental illness that has followed them for generations, and one of the most realistic and honest descriptions of bipolar disorder I’ve ever read.

  • Melody – We don’t use AT&T.

  • Hubby just got the red one!! He sure loves it. I am holding out for the Palm Pre. I bet you just love it. Congrats.

  • I’ve got that in the Titanium model. It’s pretty wonderful!

  • Trying to catch up on all the great blog posts I missed this past week while I was away from my computer has kept me away from The Woman in White today. I’ll remedy that shortly though. The Blackberry seems like a great phone. I’d probably be distracted by it too if I had one!

  • I had a very good reading start to the new year and did some mini reviews of them on my SS post.

  • Oh, The Sunne in Splendour is FANTASTIC! Glad to see that you’re enjoying it. I’m currently working on the mammoth Morland Dynasty series (Cynthia Harrod-Eagles), and enjoying it greatly.

    My mom, dad, and sister all have BlackBerries, and can’t seem to stop using them.

  • Ti

    So what do you think of the new Blackberry? I had the last generation one and it gave me migraines. There was a bit of a flicker and although I am sure it was a defect of that particular phone, it turned me off to them forever!

  • Eva

    I’ve heard good things about Sharon Kay Penman and keep meaning to get around to trying her out!

    I’m still on vacation, so right now it’s more like reading is distracting me from my life. 😉

  • I just got my red Blackberry in December and am in love with it too!