The G(r)ift – Book Review

The Grift by Debra Ginsberg

Marina has been grifting people as a fake psychic ever since she was a young girl and her junkie mother found that psychic readings were a great means of scoring money for drugs.  Marina is a very principled grifter, however; she has many rules for herself, including never dating a client and never taking a client for too much.  Desperate to escape Florida for the more forgiving climate of Southern California, Marina somewhat inadvertantly breaks one of those cardinal rules, something that will have lasting consequences on her life, consequences that include her psychic abilities turning from a grift to a gift.

I really, really enjoyed “The Grift”.  Marina collected a very interesting, if completely ridiculously neurotic group of clients.  While they weren’t always sympathetic, they weren’t actively dislikeable either, and they definitely kept my attention.  I also loved watching how Marina (and her clients) grew and changed over the course of the book.  There is a bit of mystery in the second half of the book and that was fairly well done as well, giving you enough clues without being completely obvious.

I found “The Grift” to be very engaging and recommend it to those looking for a read that is just slightly out of the ordinary.

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