Honeymoon in Tehran – Book Review

Honeymoon in Tehran: Two Years of Love and Danger in Iran by Azadeh Moaveni

When I saw “Honeymoon in Tehran” listed as one of the books for the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program in November I was quite excited, having read and enjoyed Moaveni’s previous book, “Lipstick Jihad“about her time as an Iranian American woman living in Iran while covering the country for Time magazine.

“Honeymoon in Tehran” is both more of the same and very different than “Lipstick Jihad.”  Although it deals with many of the same issues as “Jihad,” I think it felt more personal.  Of course Azadeh still described many social and political issues of life in Iran, but she seemed to be describing them more as a resident this time than last time.  Whether this had to do with falling in love with an Iranian man or simply the fact that she was returning to a country she had already lived in and so was more familiar with, I am not sure.

Some of the most interesting parts of “Honeymoon in Tehran” for me were when Moaveni referred back either to her previous time in Iran or the fact that she had written a not-so-discreet book about her time in Iran and her worries about how that would effect her life this time around.  I found the reaction of government officials to “Lipstick Jihad” to be quite informing.

I think both of Moaveni’s books are both entertaining and hugely informative.  She shows Americans a side of Iran we do not see in the media and certainly have not seen in President Bush’s speeches over the past 8 years.  Because of her writing style and the fact that she grew up in America herself, Iran is depicted in a way that is very relatable and easy to grasp for any Americans – and certainly other Westerners as well – who are willing to discover the people of Iran, not just its administration.

“Honeymoon in Tehran is being released February 3rd, 2009.

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