Breaking Dawn – Book Review

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Okay, at least this book means that I’m done with Twilight.  I think I’m going to have to wait for awhile before reading The Host, I can’t handle more Stephenie Meyer for a bit.  For those who haven’t read this yet, there are definitely spoilers following.

So Bella and Edward finally tie the knot and, surprise surprise! are now expecting a little bundle of joy.  A little bundle of joy who makes Bella sicker than most babies make their mothers.

I didn’t like the way Bella became a vampire at ALL.  I know she’d wanted it forever, but suddenly it just happens and she can’t turn back because she doesn’t have a choice.  Plus, what was with the end of the book?  All that build-up and NOTHING HAPPENS.  A totally boring let down.  Did Stephenie just get bored halfway through? I actually didn’t mind the Jacob section as much as most people did, perhaps because I had read from other reviews it was coming.  In fact, I almost wish he’d had sections in the other books, he seemed like a much fuller, more complex character as he told his story than Bella ever has.


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  • I was quite disappointed in this book as well. Especially the ending, so anticlimatic!

  • I admire any adult woman who can get through more than Twilight! I’m in awe of your courage! Twilight had just waaaay too much teenaged angst for me, but my 14 year old daughter is just in love with the books. She’s reading the second now, think I’ll pass on the rest of the series. I only read the first one because I wanted to see what all the kerfuffle was about!

  • I’m laughing out loud! I read the entire series as well, and was just simply over it, but I had to finish what I started. I have to say that I liked Breaking Dawn more than the middle two, but that isn’t really saying much. I was just sick of Bella complaining about being a virgin and being alive. OK then, we resolved those issues. We all have finite amounts of time to dedicate to reading, so let’s celebrate that now that we have finished the series, we can move on to some quality literature!

  • You are so funny. I never read Twilight, so now I guess I don’t have to. Thanks for saving me some time. I’ve seen this book on your desk for a while and wondered if it was one of those Twilight ones, of which I knew you weren’t the biggest fan. “Blah,” – love that.

  • everything in this book was so contrived. it was worse than Oliver Twist with all the contrivances. and yes, I pushed through to the end to see the fight, too, and was so absolutely disgusted when it all just dissipated. grrr… argh.

  • Ack….I hated this book. Really, it’s rare I say that, but in this case I mean it. I even had my doubts Stephanie Meyer herself even wrote it. Can’t think of another series which had so much promise at the beginning and turned out to be such a stinker in the end!

  • I was really disappointed with this book, but I totally loved The Host! It is a much better book than this one.

  • Ohhhhhhh, I stumbled upon this post via Twitter…it was like a car accident ~ I didn’t want to read it, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away…and now…I know! Darn!

    Ha, oh well…I’m still going to continue ~ almost done with New Moon. My daughter is obsessed with Edward and it’s such a great way to bond with my teenager…worth the spoiler.

    Love your site, by the way ~ adding it to my Words To Mouth blogroll!

  • Hi! I’m just dropping by to present you with The Premios Dardo award! Details here. Thanks for blogging!

  • HA! I felt compelled to read Breaking Dawn, having made it that far but their was a big sigh of relief that escaped my lips when I finally finished … I too am done with Stephenie Meyer … but I may be tempted back in by The Host at a later date to be determined. Never could work out why I actually read these books but I couldn’t stop!

  • Susan Smith

    I’m spoiled by Kathleen Woodiwiss’ style of writing so I knew going into these books I’d need an open mind. I certainly accomplished that because I really enjoyed Twilight. I read the first three books each in one day. I went headlong into the fourth, Breaking Dawn, only to find very early on that I was becoming highly disappointed. Knowing the magnitude of work, time ,and sacrifice the author surely made in completing this series, I dislike making any negative comments that she may happen upon. I must say, though, that I think she didn’t understand that her audience would want to see a completely different type of circumstance for Bella’s turning, as well as a climactic fight between the Cullen, Werewolf, and Volturi forces. Unfortunately, there is no rewriting it so it is what it is.

  • I didn’t like how Bella didn’t have to sacrifice anything to become a vampire. She got her cake and got to eat it too. That said, the series is a fun guilty pleasure.

  • uhhmmm…i haven’t read this 4th book of the twilight saga but hopely i know that this would be really the most exciting book of the 4 hoping that i would read it sooner can i have a some more reviews about the first book twilight???….=)

  • Team Jasper

    i acualy liked the book alot i mean i was disappointed that there was no fight but i mean ALL the cullens get to live now and not die but,…Yeah, I liked the ending.

  • mialyn

    Twilight is a very good book. Ok seriously if your 30 and dont like teenage stuff then exactly why are you reading this book? It would be your fault for ever beginning to read it, not hers for making a book teens would like. New moon is boring because Edward leaves and he’s the only good thing about these books. Eclipse is the best of all..And Breaking Dawn put a good ending to the series.

    • I’m actually not 30, I’m in my mid-20s (see what happens when you assume)… I think this comment is pretty funny because I would SWEAR that someone else (was it Trish) got a VERY similar comment on one of her posts about this book.

  • Pam

    The Twilight series is really not great. It was predictable and way too easy to read. There were way too many pages in these books for the simple plot and Breaking Dawn just pissed me off. I mean Bella gets everything her way, a little ugly named baby, Edward, and living eternally. She gets to keep her family in her life and its all just happy happy.

    @mailyn I am old, I was like 27 when I read these but I read a lot of teen books. Try L.J. Smith for vampires with depth.

    Pam’s last blog post..L.J. Smith Audio Interview

  • mrscullennnn.

    yeah it was dissapointing but i think it was still okayyy, i loved how she became a vampire. But i HATED the ending i think there should be another book cause it was sucha let down at the end. It seemed as if she wanted to end the series when she coulda made alot more money with another book.

    id ident reconize the angst, tohiugh.

  • i love this blog though/

  • Megan

    well i think breaking dawn was the best out of all of them. eclipse is the boring one. and i do agree that bella was sort of a bore and jacob expained things more lively but hey bella is the main one here.soo i give breaking dawn a thumbs up!!

  • Bagh33ra

    Breaking Dawn was a literary abortion of apocalyptic proportions. Seriously, Stephanie Meyer, did you read all of your fam-mail and decide to try to make everyone happy? It seems to be the only reason to sweep under the rug any notions of sacrifice, hard choices, consequences, tension and drama, and turn the series in “The Adventures of Mary Sue and Baby.”

    The descriptions of Bella/Edward’s sexiness came off as childish and the inexplicable pregnancy that required reinventing her own mythology so that the character could HAVE IT ALL WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO GIVE ANYTHING UP was just. . . awe-inspiring, in a bad way. And it got worse, with Bella’s uber-baby taking center stage. Really? Grows up in an instant, removing the icky problems of child-raising? It’s the lazy writer’s way of adding children to a TV show; one season the mom’s giving birth, next season the little nudger is old enough to be precociously mugging for the camera and spouting cute one-liners.

    I liked the books, and really really wanted to like BD. Now i just pretend the series ended at Eclipse.

  • Nicole

    i thought it was one of the most amazing books ive ever read in my life. it was the best out of the four and ive read them over and over. if you want to complain about something, read another autohrs books. but stephenie meyer is amazign and i encourage her to keep on writing!