Paging Stephanie Plum Fans

I haven’t actually read any of Janet Evanovich’s work, but I’ve heard good things and I know the Stephanie Plum books have a good sized fan base.  For those of you who include yourself among that fan base, you may enjoy the following video, which is a “Plum Spooky”-inspired Twelve Days of Christmas.  Hopefully it will make more sense to those of you who have read the books than it did to me.

6 comments to Paging Stephanie Plum Fans

  • The Stephanie Plum novels are easy to read and fun. Ideal for lazy vacation days. You could be a third of the way through the first one in the time it took you to watch that video…

  • That is hilarious! I am a fan of the Plum series, and like Jeanne said, it is fun, light reading. Laugh-out-loud reading. I still giggle when I think of one scene (from which book I have no idea) when Lula and Stephanie retrieve a dead body and throw it in the trunk (I think it may have been a bond skip). Because the body was stiff and stuck out the back, they tied a red bandana on its foot to abide by whatever law says you have to do that when transporting objects that stick out past the end of the vehicle.

  • I’m not too crazy about the In-Between-the-Numbers series although it’s not bad but the first 9ish of the Plum series are the best books.

  • Never read it though :) but the video is Hilarious “)

  • I do like her number series…and I love the whole Joisey connection, being a good Joisey girl myself. Lula is a GREAT character…so funny.

  • mary davis

    I work for Borders Books and we have been waiting a long time for a Stephanie Plum movie to hit the big screen, so long that we finally made our own movie. We want fans to do the same — make a short video based on a character or scene or make up your own…just for fun. Post the video on YouTube and send the link to and we may share some of the videos with our millions of customers! You can view our movie at and don’t forget the latest Stephanie Plum book comes out June 23!