Eclipse – Book Review

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Okay, so it ihas been a little while since I actually read “Eclipse” (it basically led me into my book funk, along with “Breaking Dawn”).  However, I think it is a bad sign for the book that I had to go back and get a reminder of what on earth happened during this book.  For me at least, “Eclipse” was by far the least memorable of all the Twilight books.

Basically, Bella is once again in mortal danger (surprise!).  Only this time, Edward and Jacob have to play nice in order to have a chance to save her.  Vampires and werewolves working together?  It is the end of the world!

You know, I thought Twilight was really very engaging and at least a fun read, but I become less and less a fan of the series with every book.  Yes, “Eclipse” was a page turner like all the books in the series, but it clearly didn’t stick with me at ALL.  I guess the first book was interesting because it was new and I seem to just find the Volturi more interesting than this all-in-Forks addition to the series.

If you’ve read the first two books, you might as well stick out the series and read this one too, but I didn’t find “Eclipse” to be a ringing endorsement for beginning the series in the first place.

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8 comments to Eclipse – Book Review

  • The part that I remember from this book was the tent scene! At least Edward was back.

  • I find it pretty telling when I read a book and a week later can’t remember a thing about it. Some of them just don’t stick. Even if they’re enjoyable during the read.

  • I can’t really remember what happened in this one either to tell the truth… I think they start blending together after a little while.

  • For what it is worth, while I was never what you would call a fan of this series, I was so frustrated with Meyer’s formula (“have nothing happen except that Bella moon over Edward for the first 400 pages and he in turn is both overbearing and creepy… then suddenly have a big battle”), along with the lack of plot, character growth (how is Bella in Eclipse any different from Bella in Twilight?), or decent writing that I resoundingly vowed to not read the final book in the series because I couldn’t see how after about 1500 pages with essentially nothing having happened that anything ever would. Also, this book really sealed the deal in terms of me forever disliking Bella, so there was that too.

    That being said, I did read the wikipedia summary of Breaking Dawn, and that actually makes Eclipse sound like a good book. Some wonders may never cease…

  • You know, I thought Twilight was really very engaging and at least a fun read, but I become less and less a fan of the series with every book.

    I felt the same way. I’ve heard that Meyer originally envisioned the series as a duology at the absolute most, but her publisher asked her to stretch it out into a quadrology. Maybe that has something to do with the declining quality.

  • You just summed up exactly how I felt about this series!

  • You said it all…I think your review and mine are almost verbatim, except I usually put my two cents worth in for parents of 11 year olds (like me) who need advice on whether they should let their child read it. Sophmoric writing, ludicrous plot development, endless whining and drams, etc. I don’t have THAT high of expectations from a teenage vampire book, but please at least give me my money’s worth! It makes me annoyed that I feel the personal need to see the series through. I haven’t read the last book yet (I need a break from the idiocy), but I need to so I can move on.