A is for Atticus – Book Review

A is for Atticus by Lorilee Craker

“A is for Atticus” is a fun book, as far as baby naming books go.  Craker provides background and entertaining commentary on each and every name.  Her personality really shone through – not something I would expect in a baby name book.  I must say, I grew a little bored while reading the boy names, though.  I just didn’t think that the boy names she had were nearly as appealing as the girl names.

This would be a great book to give to a literary-minded expectant couple, particularly as it isn’t just a boring list fo names and perhaps meanings.

I won this book during Book Blogger Appreciation Week, although I didn’t know that until it showed up in the mail the same day as another book I won during BBAW, both coming from Hatchette.  I guessed that perhaps that was the origin of this book and Amy was able to confirm it.  What was funny is that this book showed up the same morning that my husband and I found out we would need a book like this, mere hours after we found out, actually.

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