Tuesday Thingers: Bookish Paraphernalia

LT Things- t-shirts, bags,cue cats- are you into the “stuff”? Do you use a cuecat to enter your books, or do you enter them manually? What do you think of the stuff?

The only thing I have ever bought from LibraryThing was my lifetime membership about a week after I discovered the site.  I do have a scanner that my husband (then-fiance) ordered me from somewhere on the internet to make it easier for me to enter all of my books.  At that point I didn’t know about the cuecat, nor did I realize the pure awesomeness of LT, so I didn’t have any urgent desire to give THEM our money instead of any other internet site.  Now that I think about it, I think that I’m supposed to get a LibraryThing t-shirt.  I won somone’s contest in Talk back in September, and my prize was a cranberry t-shirt.  The person running the contest was ordering one for herself and one for me and was planning to send it once they arrived.  I haven’t heard any more about it, so I’m not sure what happened with that, though.  If I never get it, perhaps I’ll buy myself one at some point, just to wear around the house and possibly on errands.

Do you get the stuff sold by LibraryThing or any website you frequent?  If so, are you an equal opportunity shopper (do you buy from most/all of the sites you frequent), or do you only buy from select sites?

12 comments to Tuesday Thingers: Bookish Paraphernalia

  • I considered getting a cuecat when I bought my membership to LT, but figured it would take too long to come in the mail. I wanted to enter my books right then and there. Haha! I was really impatient back then. It worked out fine–even if it took me awhile to enter all of my books.

  • I really don’t buy much off the internet. My husband buys computer stuff, but I stay out of that, so I don’t know what sites he uses. I won’t be buying any LT stuff because we have way too much junk now and I hate clutter.

  • i do like to support great sites like LibraryThing, but only if they are actually offering something I need.

  • I pretty quickly bought the lifetime membership, and I’m considering it as a christmas present for someone.

  • The only thing I bought was a lifetime membership as well. I’ve purchased memberships for friends as well, come to think of it – but never any physical merchandise. I’d also like a t-shirt though!

    I almost never buy stuff off the internet except through Amazon.

  • Shana

    I haven’t ordered from LT but once I find a provider I like, I try to give them future business, especially if it’s a small business. For example, I always order my kids birthday invites from the same eBay seller, ditto my address labels.

  • I purchased the lifetime membership and the cuecat but nothing else. I’ve never been one for catalogue or online shopping for clothing, the button is cute but the other stuff like mugs, stickers and magnets would just end up in the junk drawer.

  • My CueCat is actually the only thing I’ve bought from a non-retail site (and the lifetime membership). I like to support the sites I use frequently, especially if I really like them and the thing is affordable. And if I can get some real use out of it, of course!

  • I do have a shirt…nothing else. Well, and the lifetime membership. In fact, I want a membership card or something!

    And I do buy lots of stuff off the internet. Books, clothing, tea, computers…anything.

  • I’m more likely to support a great site if the item I’m looking to purchase is useful to me in some way – I’m trying to reduce the clutter in our house!!

    :) Wendi

  • I love LibraryThing, but I don’t even know what a cuecat is.