The Memorist – Book Review and Blog Tour

The Memorist by M.J. Rose

When I started reading “The Memorist” I was pretty skeptical.  The basic premise is that reincarnation is real.  Not only that, but there are certain objects called ‘memory objects’ that aid in the process of recalling past lives.  Neither of these things really jive with my belief system so I rolled my eyes and hunkered down to read the book for this blog tour for TLC Book Tours.

I’m not sure at what point I realized I was really enjoying “The Memorist.”  Suddenly I was just anxious to get back to it any time I had to put it down.  Rose wrote one of the best thrillers I’ve read in quite some time, I only wish I’d had time to read “The Reincarnationist,” which is the previous book in the series.

“The Memorist” is an unique thriller.  Although there’s a tight time crunch, the main characters aren’t aware of it, so the story moves quickly only through their own passion and curiosity, without the ‘racing the clock’ feeling.  This probably wouldn’t work for all thrillers, but it definitely worked for “The Memorist.”

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, whether you typically read thrillers or not, “The Memorist” is a book I can definitely recommend, if only for a change of pace.

How do you feel about reading books whose premise is in opposition with your beliefs?  Can you get caught up in it anyway if the story is good, or do you stop with the rolling of the eyes (as I might have done if I wasn’t reading this for a blog tour)?

I have two sets of “The Reincarnationist” and “The Memorist” to give away, so check back for that tomorrow Thursday.  Don’t want to take a chance?

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18 comments to The Memorist – Book Review and Blog Tour

  • I can get caught up in books with different belief systems than my own. I enjoy reading a book like that from time to time, to remind myself of why I believe what I do. I hope that makes sense.

  • This one has been on my wishlist for a couple of weeks (along with the Reincarnationist). Thanks for the great review — it’s always nice to read a good review of a book you really want to read!

  • I really enjoyed this book too. I had a chance to interview MJ Rose about this book too. It’s a very unique concept and it was very well written, well paced and well-defined characters. I also checked out the Reincarnationist and plan on starting that sometime this month.

  • I actually really like reading books with different beliefs than my own. I like to read books that are entertaining and require you to suspend disbelief and just enjoy a good story.

    Both these books sound very interesting.

  • I am all about broadening my horizons. Many times, I don’t even know if I agree or disagree with something until I have had a chance to get into the facts. Even if I do my homework, and I find that I disagree, I am still not opposed to reading more. It is the differences in opinions that make the world go around!

  • I like reading books with beliefs that differ from my own as long as they are interesting and well written. I have been wanting to read these and after reading your review I’m even more convinced that I’ll like them. I’ll be back tomorrow….

  • I have read some of this author’s other books and enjoyed them, although not in this particular series. It sure does sound good though.

    I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction as well as books that don’t quite jive with my own beliefs.

  • I liked The Reincarnationist. I hope you get a chance to read that one, too. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but the books still were interesting.

  • I had a lot of trouble reading The Reincarnationist- partly because I don’t believe in reincarnation either, so the premise made me pretty skeptical. Also because I don’t usually read thrillers, so it was hard for me to enjoy to style and pace of the book. I don’t know which was the greater factor of my dissatisfaction.

  • I have no problem with it – it is fiction after all! And this one does look good!!

  • I just reviewed The Ark, The Reed and The Fire Cloud which is about Noah’s Ark. I’m opposite to you. I’m Pagan and I believe in reincarnation so the book is opposite to my beliefs and I absolutely loved it.

    So I do think it’s possible to like a book different from your beliefs and absolutely a good idea to try it.

    I’ll be back for the giveaway for sure!

  • I read The Reincarnationist and enjoyed it, and am looking forward to reading The Memorist.

  • And I realized I didn’t even answer your question!

    I actually believe in reincarnation, so these books aren’t that hard for me. (Though I don’t believe people can vividly remember their past lives). I have trouble reading overtly Christian fiction and tend to shy away from them.

  • S. Krishna, you actually bring up something interesting. I realize now that I didn’t have initial troubles so much with the premise of reincarnation as the idea of the ‘memory objects’ and the vivid past-life memories. Of course, either way it ended up working.

  • fyrefly

    I generally don’t have a problem with books that have premises opposite to my own beliefs, as long as it’s explained and makes sense why the characters believe what they do. Books (primarily Christian fiction, but others as well) that tacitly assume that everyone shares the same worldview as their characters are harder to take.

  • lindymc

    My belief system is pretty much an “I don’t know exactly what to believe” situation; I seem to have more questions than answers. These books sound interesting but I wonder if they will provide answers, or more questions.

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