Twilight – Book Review

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Okay, so everyone and their mother has heard at least something about “Twilight” by now.  However, I read it, so I’m going to review it.

“Twilight” is your basic story: Girl moves to new town, meets boy who is also relatively new.  Boy seems to hate girl, girl is intrigued.  Boy saves girl, likes girl, turns out to be a vampire whose very existence threatens girl’s life.

Okay, so the book is totally cheesy and definitely not great literature, but I thought it was fun.  From what I hear the other books may be more whiny, with Bella (the aforementioned ‘girl’) mooning too much over Edward (the aforementioned ‘boy’).  However, I’m willing to at least give them a try – this made for a quick, fun read at a time when that I was I needed.

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  • I second your thoughts. It wasn’t great writing, but it was a nice little escape. I’ve not read the other 3, but I plan to once I can get my pile of ARCs under control.

  • We were at a family reunion and I was talking to Carl’s 85 year old great uncle who loves books. He told me that he’s reading the Twilight series because he wanted “to know what all the fuss is about.” He told me not to read them unless I get desperate. Did I mention that he’s hilarious?

  • Kathy, Carl’s great uncle sounds like an absolute riot.

  • Twilight is definitely the best of the bunch. Everyone gets more annoying as the books proceed.

  • fyrefly

    Agreed. Her gender politics creep me out, but her books are still addictive reading.

  • Tracy – I’ve already read the second one and I agree that it wasn’t as good. I’ll probably read the other two, but I won’t go out of my way to do it.

  • tracy

    Are you going to read the rest? I agree with Swapna too they only get worse.

  • i am one of the few that hasn’t touched a single book in this series as yet.. i have been reading mixed reviews about the books.. some love them and some don’t.. but i am still going to give it a shot nevertheless.:) just to see what it is that’s making people talk so much!

  • I keep hesitating to pick up these books, even though everyone and their mother is basically obsessed with them. I like that you weren’t all “OMG BEST BOOK EVARRR” while also acknowledging that it is an entertaining book and you can really see the appeal. I am sure that eventually, I will read these, but for now I just have so many other books on my TBR pile that I’m really excited about that there’s not much point in adding these right now.

  • mal.

    twilight was amazing.
    yall are dumb.
    stop picking it apart.

  • Mal.
    Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion. I think it is important for you to deal with the fact that not everyone shares yours. I enjoyed the Twilight series, but I would stop far short of calling it ‘amazing.’ Please know that the next time you come here and are rude enough to call people dumb, your comment will be deleted, particularly if you don’t have anything particularly enlightening to add to the conversation.

  • just my two cents

    IMO, this series is just an overrated hype, and has exploited the teeny-bopper’s hopeless romantic fantasies.

    just my two cents.

    so if you want to read this series, just download an ebook somewhere. no sense wasting your money on this piece of poseur literature.

  • Another reader who may want to be careful to stay within the bounds of politeness…

    Ebooks are only (legally) free for works that are in the public domain, i.e. written before 1923. Whether or not you like Stephenie Meyer, I wouldn’t condone reading an illegal ebook copy. If you don’t want to ‘waste your money,’ perhaps the library would be a better choice.

  • mal.

    who are you to decide what is appropriate and not?

  • Well, Mal., this is my blog and I have full control over whose comments are allowed and whose are not. I haven’t had to delete anyone’s comments yet due to rudeness, but I am willing to do so if it becomes necessary. I would much prefer to allow everyone to comment here in order to facilitate open discussion, but open discussion does not include personal attacks. I am under absolutely no obligation to allow any person to comment here.

  • A

    devourerofbooks, why would you have a blog for anyone to write on if u dont want people to say what they really feel. if someone feels that twilight is amazing or just an overrated hype, shouldnt they have the freedom to say what they feel? isnt that the point of a blog? thats just my opinion
    anyway, i think twilight and the rest of the books were amazing- twilight was by far the best and breakingg dawn sucked

  • A –
    Absolutely! I have no problem with anyone saying that the book is either amazing or overrated hype. It is when people get to the direction of rude “Yall are dumb,” for example, that people do not have the right to say whatever they want, unless they create their own blog. Technically my blog is for ME to write on. I have comments enabled because I like intelligent, civil discussion on the topics I write about. When the discussion fails to meet those criteria, I reserve the right to end the discussion. For instance, I have no issue at all with your take on Twilight, whether I agree with it or not (in general I do agree with it, although I’m not as effusive about Twilight or quite as down on Breaking Dawn), because you were not questioning anyone’s intelligence.

  • A

    that is a reasonable explanation and i am glad that u do not have a problem with people stating their opinion. i agree that people should not be commenting on anyone’s intelligence but i guess i have learned to ignore it because it happens so much and the people who write these comments should think a little more before they type.

  • A – I have learned to ignore it on certain sites as well, but then I generally learn to avoid those sites as well (personal preference). I prefer to visit sites where the conversation is largely polite – even if people disagree strongly – whether due to the attitude of the commenters or the vigilance of the moderators. Up until this point, my blog as been polite for the first reason. I would rather not have to be a vigilant moderator, but I will delete the messages of the people who, after a warning, cannot play nice.

    Thanks for asking, by the way, I’m glad I could clarify my position in a way that made sense to you (and hopefully to others as well).

  • Judy

    These 4 books are in Middle School Libary’s- 12 yr. old girls are reading and I think book1 & 2 are ok but 3&4 is not acceptable.

  • Micc

    I saw a TV commercial saying how good this books are. It mentioned that it rivals the Harry Potter series. How true is this? Well this commercial was so convincing it got me to stop whatever i was doing and haul my ass to the bookstore to check the book out. Upon entering the store the books were plastered right in the middle of the walkway, i looked at the picture and thought “ooohh nice cover, very mature” then a little 11 or so year old girl came and grabed a copy and started reading and then another thought hit me “OMG! Am i checking out a little girly book?” (is there even such a thing as a little girly book?) So i grabed a copy flipped it and started reading the summury at the back and it went:

    “About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him – and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be – that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with him.”

    *Ding* another thought “there is such a thing as a girly book!” Luckily i brought my little teen sister – passed her the book then asked her opinion. I really didnt want her opinion knowing that she wont know too much about it since she havent read it or even heard of it. I did what i did to reduce the humiliation of being seen with that book. LOL.

    I know Clancy novels are at a higher level compared to most and i like his books. OK so i ask again is this book a good read? Is it even remotely close to their claim that its as good as Harry Potter series?

  • Kristy

    I totally agree with your review! I am enjoying this twilight and I cannot wait to read the other three.

    Thanks for all the great reviews. Keep them coming!

  • Valtameren

    I kept hearing about the ‘incredible’ Twilight and decided to check it out for myself. After wasting six hours of my life reading it I have to declare that I am clearly unimpressed. If you were to dissect the book into two sections: A, being actual plot line; and B, being Bella mooning over Edward… the plot line would take up less than two pages. The entire book was, “He’s so dreamy. SO perfect. SO unbelievable. I love you. I love you more. No; I love you most!” They were so absorped in one another dialogue was almost non-existant. It was basically the same sentence over and over just different people saying it. It was very melodramatic. My opinion is that this was just one giant monologue by Stephanie Meyer… Not a novel… not a story… a monotaneous, redundant, and overrated monologue. It’s so easy to NOT get lost in it’s pages.

  • Valtameren – It certainly seems to be a love it or hate it sort of book…which makes me feel odd since I was pretty much ambivalent about it…

  • gita

    Hey nice blog! I just finished reading it and am still digesting its effects. This book had a very acrhetypal theme and I guess that pulled at me and I did find it abosrbing. The writing style was very simple, almost mediocre…and maybe that was the cleverness of it, the writing style was like a reality tv show of bella’s life and inner thoughts (I washed the dishes, I combed my hair) and then this exotic element enters it…in the form of Edward..and takes us to a fantasy realm we are all familiar with if subconsciously only.
    Still processing all this…

  • confused??

    im thinking of getting the book soon but im kinda not sure if i should waste my money on the book cuz it doesnt relly seem that the book deserves for me to waste my money on cuz of all the comments saying it wasnt really good…..i dont noe what i should do???

  • Max

    Twilight has the makings of a great book. But it’s so fucking annoying and melodramatic. There is so much crap in the book. Too many characters that don’t have anything to do with the story. Edward is very badly written, it doesn’t make sense why anyone would like him? Are all the girls so shallow? It seems that the only thing going for him are his good looks and his money. He treats Bella like an asshole even after they are so “in-love”. But still the book is ok, in some weird way. It holds up pretty good towards the end, but then the ending comes. THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! The same thing with the second book. It seems like Meyer writes writes and writes and suddenly needs there to be an end in two chapters. Nothing happens in 20 chapters, then they swoosh to italy (wtf?) steal a porche (wtf???) in like 2 pages. And what’s the deal with the cars?

    The sliding car scene in the first book is so badly written you can’t understand anything that happens.

    pros and cons:

    + Good plot
    + Bella is well written and sometimes funny
    + You get hooked, which is always nice
    + Bella is actually fucking nuts and not a good role model at all
    + If you can ignore the dumb stuff in the book, the rest is quite nice.

    – All the other charachters are one-dimensional
    – It’s really meant for teen girls so it’s kinda gay to read em
    – It’s soooo innocent.
    – Bella is actually fucking nuts and not a good role model at all.

    But i will read parts 3 and 4 nevertheless. male 26y

  • nel

    i’ve read the series even before the movie came out. i haven’t been able to write my own review because of my busy sched. i’ve been reading a lot of blogs about the series and it ranged from absolute fandom to downright rudeness. anyway, i liked your post. ill just let you know when im finished with mine. :)

  • I would like to start of by saying that this book was simply a pleasure to read.

    Before signing up for this account, I began reading all the bad reviews. I am not interested in the 5 star reviews because I am already aware of the book’s excellence. I have some comments for all of you who do not quite enjoy reading Twilight. A good reader must have an imagination and undewrstands the author’a point. Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions. Mine, fore example, is that Twilight is the best book there is. Bella is an ordniary girl that everyone can relate to. She thinks herself as imprefect and ungraceful, but she is more than that and appears lovely to everyone she meets. We are all like her. We arent’t aware of our beauty. Edward is described as perfect in Meyer’s novel. But as Robert Pattinson (actor) has mentioned a numerous amount of times, he isn’t perfect. But when you’re in love, doesn’t your object of affection seem perfect to you? Do you not overlook all flaws? As for the fact that he is accused of being controlling and obsessive, he isn’t. He thinks and knows he is so imperfect. The only reason for living he has is Bella. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her because of all the love he has for her. If you were a mother, would you not do the same for your child? Would you not shield her from what you think is dangerous, even if your wrong? And if you, like me, are still young, would you call your own mother or father overbearing? He loves her and thus, protects her from all harm. In this novel, Bella may be a tad stubborn, but aren’t we all?

    Many are saying that the character of women in this series is very weak. I too have something to say about this. Women in this book arent completely human. Not most of them anyway. Bella was very reluctant to let Edward assist her in anyway at the start of this novel, she does show some strength as a woman. In Breaking Dawn, she does keep secrets from Edward and becomes self-sufficient in order to protect her daughter.

    As for Team Edward or Team Jacob, well TEAM EDWARD all the way.!! That might be because I am positively in love with him, but still. I am not going to argue with those of you who are on Team Jacob because I can relate as well. For me, Harry Potter is my Jacob and Twilight is my Edward. Those of you who have read both books may be able to figure out the analogy. Twilight is Harry Potter with sex appeal.

    I recommend this book to anyone. It is inspirational. It has made many think that anything is possible.!!

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