Tuesday Thingers: Recently Added

This week’s question: -LibraryThing’s Recently Added feature: do you look at it? Do you use it for ideas? Is there something listed there now that looks interesting to you? What have you added to your LT library recently?

I occasionally check out the connection news on the home page to see which of my ‘friends’ and ‘interesting libraries’ have added, reviewed, or rated new books recently.  Occasionally I’ll see one I want to follow up on, either one I’ve never heard of that looks interesting, or one I have or want that has a new review I want to read.

Unfortunately, LibraryThing isn’t really responding right now for me to be able to answer the rest of the questions, they seem to be having one of the rare downtimes.  I have two new books to add: “The Book of Calamities” by Peter Trachtenberg and “A is for Atticus” by Lorilee Craker.

Do you like knowing what books other people have bought/desired recently?  Does it influence your reading at all?

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7 comments to Tuesday Thingers: Recently Added

  • After reading a couple of Tuesday Thingers, I wanted to check out a couple of things on LT, and I can’t get on there either.

  • bachaney

    I often look at what other people are reading and commenting on on LT just to see what people like/don’t like. I have limited reading time, so normally I don’t read something unless I think I’ll like it.

  • LT is being very cranky today, but this is a feature that I use alot. Just what I need too – another way to inflate my wishlist (lol)

  • What other people are reading doesn’t influence what I read much, so I don’t go to sites that (as far as I know) emphasize peoples’ lists of books. I like reviews, but not lists.

  • LT being down for Tuesday Thingers…isn’t that just impeccable timing?

  • I have a few favorite libraries on LT that I check for new additions, and several members who I know have similar tastes to mine – I look now and then to see what they’re reading. Of course, I’m a sucker for lists in general – so if there’s a list around, I’ll probably check it out!

  • It’s really difficult with keep up with LT especially I rather spend all the spare time reading. I have a cap of 200 books since I belong to the lowest tier of membership. But I do enjoy browsing other people’s libraries and dig out those “eclectic”, un-social books on their shelves!