TSS: September Reading Wrap-Up

September has come and gone and I’ve read another 20 books.  Months and Seasons was the 100th book that I read this year (at least since I started keeping count on the first of March) and I am currently on track to read nearly 160 books in the last 10 months of this year.  I was already planning on revising my goal for next year from 100 to 150, but I may have to consider 175.  We will see what the new year holds, I suppose.  The River, By Moonlight was the 100th review I posted on this blog (which is why I’m holding a huge contest, see details here).


Young Adult Fiction

Historical Fiction

Short Stories



  • Adventure in Borneo by Jolan Durran (review pending)
  • Why We Hate Us by Dick Meyer

Top Pick of the Month

After staring at my September reading for a week, I have finally chosen “Tears of the Desert” as my top pick (see my review).  Not only was ‘Tears’ very well written, but it touches on some very important, very pertinent subject matter: the genocide in Darfur.

Not only is “Tears of the Desert” one of the titles available in my 100th Post Giveaway, I have two additional copies to give away later in October.

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