TSS 2: New Moon – Book Review

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Bella and Edward are back and all cutesy and in love.  That is, until Edward breaks up with Bella and his family moves away.  Commence Bella’s living death.  After moping around for a good long time, Bella finally comes at least part of the way back to life, thanks to Jacob Black.  It isn’t long, though before he disappoints her too, and starts hanging around with this really odd pack of boys…

Okay, so I’m starting to see the melodramatic and whiny side of Bella.  However, even when she was at her most annoying, “New Moon” was still very engaging.  As I said before, “Shakespeare it ain’t,” but I can see why people love it so much, it is really quite the story.  Plus, even though she’s whiny, I think Bella is a very believable teenager in love – although she might be slightly more believable as 16 than 18.

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  • Yeah, I definitely agree – I didn’t like New Moon nearly as much as Twilight because Bella was just so whiny!

  • You’ve said pretty much what I felt about the book also. I just didn’t care for the 2nd book to much. Bella was just a bit over the top with being whiny.

  • I love reading people’s reactions to these books as they make their way through the series. I agree with you on ‘New Moon.’ I must have had a big ol’ crush on Edward because I didn’t care for the story as much without him in it. Very mature for a 37 year old, huh? :)

  • fyrefly

    But it’s real looooove! Just like Romeo & Juliet! :)

    I think I liked the second book mostly because Edward *wasn’t* around, and I like Jacob. But all-in-all, I think the third’s probably the best.

  • I liked Twilight the most because it was the first book and the character development was essential for it’s success. I think it was in this book that all the teens fell for Edward.
    I have to say the allure was there in Twilight. :-)

  • I liked this one the best – probably because there was so much good dialogue between Jacob and Bella.

  • I agree — it did get a bit whiny at times. But I remember being all crazy-obsessed-can’t-live-without-you in love for the first time, and I definitely related a lot to Edward’s leaving . . . and her “living death” in the wake of that tragedy (good term, by the way!). And there’s my emo thought for the day! :)

  • tracy

    I like reading your reactions to the series:)

  • Can u believe I have not read this series yet :)

  • I am a self proclaimed fanatic of everything Twilight related. It’s a bit sad, and I’ve passed on my wonderful obsession to anyone who’ll listen to me gush about Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga.

    For me, New Moon is probably my least favorite. I think it’s a combination of the lack of Edward and the overdose of Jacob.

    I’m glad you were able to get over the Bella-whining. I never really noticed it when I read the series, but a lot of reviewers comment on it… so it makes me wonder if maybe I’m such a big whiner I’m completely oblivious to Bella’s whining.

  • I still haven’t read this one yet. I think the problem with starting these books so late in the game is that now there’s so much about them out there – it was impossible to avoid the spoilers to the whole series, so now I know how it all goes. I’ll still read the rest of them (I have them all now, so I may as well), but I hate knowing how a series will end before I even get to book 2.

  • there has been a recent rash of very intelligent, rational, and generally not stupid or crazy friends in my life who are reading (and ENJOYING) these books…just what kind of she-devil is stephanie meyers? no matter how much people try to convince me, i will not give into this vampire harlequin smut! 😉

  • im only 150 pages into the book but i read for like 3 hours last night and balled the whole time hahah i love these books but i agree twilight is pretty hard to beat.

  • and i absolutely LOVVEE edward its true haha a fictional charactar and im in love with him

  • Taralynn

    I have to say, as a seventeen going on eighteen year old girl, i am in love with this book, i read it in about two days.
    and yes bella was very dragging and very immature and irritating, i find that when i look back on it, i find alot of my qualities in her. ha, which sucks.

    but after new moon, i have to say i am still in love with Jacob, i would be ok if Edward had gotten himself killed. she deserves better. butt then again, i guess Edward does come back as a very Heroic character who she has waited so long to be saved by, and told that he would always be there, blah blah blah, heard that before.

    she does do a very well Melodramatic character.

  • rosa

    is there a wearwolf in this book

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