The Reading Funk

On Saturday during the read-athon, I finished two books, Stephenie Meyers’s “Breaking Dawn” and Jane Yolen’s “Briar Rose.”  I was within 25 pages of hitting 1,000 pages that day, but I just couldn’t do more.  Since then I’ve read maybe 80 pages of “Capote in Kansas” by Kim Powers.  Although I’m enjoying “Capote in Kansas,” I’m feeling a bit of a reading funk.  In order to try to remedy this, I’m imposing a reading semi-ban through Friday.

I will allow myself to work through “Capote in Kansas” during lunch time or if I get cold enough to take a hot bath at night, but that’s it.  Any time I’m at home, if I want entertainment, it will be television and games, all the way.  I may not be as good at getting on LibraryThing or my Google Reader either, so if there’s something I really should see, feel free to email me.

Oh, and don’t expect any reviews this week.  They’ll be back next week.  I may update how this challenge is going, and I’ll likely post for the Tuesday Thingers and Booking Through Thursday memes, but this will be a quiet week here.
Why am I doing this?  Simple.  I figure after a week of TV I’ll be so glad to get back to my books that I’ll forget this funk ever existed.
Neither ‘funk’ nor ‘reading funk’ turned up anything interesting in google image search.  =(

14 comments to The Reading Funk

  • You will definitely be ready to get back to your books after a week of TV. I don’t know what games are, so I’ll have to check that out.

  • Ti

    Your brain is probably tired. It can only hold so much information, you know? A week of mindless TV and you will be back in the swing of things.

  • You know, one great thing about books is that they will just sit there patiently, waiting for you.

  • Amy

    Glad to know I’m not alone. Actually I want to read just not review books, lol.
    I want to indulge in some mind candy!

    Here’s my tip…Gossip Girl is on tonight! Chuck Bass=the best thing about mondays. 😉

  • I definitely think after a week of TV, you will be overjoyed to get back to reading. Sometimes I need to take time out and play a video game (don’t have a TV) or sit on the computer because I get a little burned out. And as Caite says, the books will still be waiting when you’re ready to read them!

  • Um, I missed the news that hell had frozen over… Also, on your random LT library generator books on the side bar, there is a book entitled “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World,”….for the sake of brevity, I will simply ask “WFT?!” I believe it was Jesus or maybe Shakespeare, who said “a cupcake without butter is no cupcake at all.”

  • Thanks. I am feeling much better today. I can imagine that you might not want to look at anything for awhile after 1000 pages. TV always sends me running back to books. Enjoy your week “off”.

  • fyrefly

    Or, for less silly but much more addicting:

    Enjoy your week off!

  • Considering how many books you’ve read and reviewed recently (and I think I remember you saying you don’t review all the books you read? Am I remembering that correctly?), you are definitely entitled to a break from books. Enjoy the TV and enjoy the husband.

  • tracy

    I have felt your funk and am not surprised you are having one too. At the pace you have been going you need a break! Have a fun week:)

  • I go through funks as well. Usually a day or two of TV watching will drive me right back to books!

  • Jen, take it easy. You’ve been doing so much reading and reviewing since your blog went live, it’s no wonder. I think you’re doing the absolute right thing. I googled reading funky and all I could come up with was a picture of the funky monkey readers…

  • I LOVE those popcap games!

  • D.J.

    I really appreciate this. Excellent