The Green Beauty Guide – Book Review

The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this book, but I definitely wasn’t expecting something packed quite so full of information.

“The Green Beauty Guide” is more than a guide, it is actually a fairly comprehensive resource.  Gabriel spent many years as a beauty and fashion reporter, so she has probably tried nearly every skin care and cosmetic product available.  In “The Green Beauty Guide,” Gabriel begins by teaching us about our own skin, then about many of the toxic chemicals that are often used in the pursuit of beauty – including what to look for on ingredient lists and what to avoid.  Finally, she transitions to what green beauty is and how, specifically, to achieve green beauty.

The best part of “The Green Beauty Guide,” in my opinion, are the ‘do it yourself’ recipes for creating green facials, toners, cleansers, and moisturizers.  I was a little disappointed, because my Advance Reader’s Copy did not include the final seven chapters, which all contain Gabriel’s favorite store-bought products and recipes for things like sun protection, hair care, and body care.  I suppose now I have to go out and buy the finished product (on sale today, Friday October 10th, by the way).

The first few chapters can be a bit overwhelming if you are not familiar with beauty chemicals or the precise way your skin works.  It is fairly technical at the beginning.  I would encourage readers to stick through it, though, and just get from it as much as they can.  Once you have read the first five chapters, you can simply reference the last eleven when you want to buy or make a specific product.  Don’t feel this is a book you need to read the whole way through.
If you are interested in making your beauty regimen greener to improve your health and that of the environment, “The Green Beauty Guide” would be a great resource.

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