The Fire – Book Review

The Fire by Katherine Neville

Oookay, I’m not totally sure what to say about “The Fire.”

This is a sequel to Neville’s earlier book “The Eight,” which I have not read and which I definitely SHOULD have read before attempting “The Fire.”  The storyline of both books centers on The Game, in which real people are analagous to chess players as they attempt to discover the missing pieces of a mystical ancient chess set which once belonged to Charlemagne and is imbued with ancient Middle Eastern wisdom.

The story line was very engaging, but at the same time almost totally lost me.  I was also a bit annoyed by the main character, Alexandra.  She had no foreknowledge of The Game at all, even the fact that it existed, until the beginning of the book.  This kept her from being able to figure out what on earth was going on without a good deal of help, but she seemed to leap to realizations suddenly and with undue ease.

That being said, I think that part of my issue was not having read “The Eight” yet and I’m not sure I can give “The Fire” a completely fair review.  I have requested “The Eight” from someone on Bookmooch and, when I get a chance, I’ll read both books and perhaps even re-review this one.

Please don’t read this until you have read “The Eight.”  I hear “The Eight” is terrific though, so perhaps you can join me in a read of both books!

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