Sunday Salon: Summer in October Edition

For the second year in a row here in Chicago it feels like summer (about 80 degrees) in mid-October.  Hopefully this year everyone makes it through today’s Chicago marathon safely!

My sister and her friend are in town this weekend (as many of you know, my sister will be coming back again in a couple of weeks to actually LIVE here).  To celebrate the beautiful weather and the fact that her friend, Katherine, has never been to Chicago before, we went and walked around downtown all day yesterday.  Very nice, not very conducive to getting much reading done.  I did try to read my current book, “Descartes’ Bones” while we were on the ‘El’, but I’m quite stuck on it and being on the train didn’t help.  I kept looking out the window instead of at the page.  

I’m still not totally sure whether I want to finish “Descartes’ Bones” or if I’m just going to give it up, since I am having to push so hard to get through it.  In the interest of at least breaking it up with something more dynamic, I started “The Fire” by Katherine Neville last night.  

I’m hoping to get some good reading time in this afternoon, after church and after we unload my sister’s car.  Hopefully I can make it at least some portion of the way through ONE of these books, since they’re both being released on Thursday.  I may have to do my reading out on the porch, though, because it is gorgeous today!


Happy Sunday Salon!

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  • I think there’s nothing better than sitting on the porch with a good book (and my dog) on a pretty day. It sounds like it’s warmer in Chicago than in South Carolina – we’ve been in the 70’s.

  • I’m reading Descartes’ Bones right now, too, and I’m also having a hard time with it….I’m read the first two chapters (up to page 83) over the last four days, which is much slower than my usual pace, but I thought it might be due to my busy week rather than the book’s slowness….but now that I’m feeling validated, I think I’ll read the third chapter and then make a decision. I don’t want to spend my perfect lazy Sunday on a less-than-great book. It was in the 80s here in Richmond yesterday, too…very weird.

  • Shana

    Uh-oh. I have Descartes’ Bones too. I think you and I have pretty similar tastes, Jen, so this doesn’t bode well for me. (I have The Fire too.)

    I didn’t know you were in Chicago. In Nov. my husband will have a new region and it includes all of IL. He’ll probably have most of his meetings in Chicago and I told him I’m definitely tagging along. Maybe we can meet up sometime!

    How cool that your sis is moving back. I moved back to the town my sister lives in four years ago and I LOVE being so close to her.

  • Update: After realizing that the third chapter is 40 pages long, and given that the first 83 pages took what seemed like forever, I’m jumping ship on Descartes’ Bones. Keep us posted on your decision.

  • Looking out of the window from a train is ok!


    SS is where the action is

  • It is still in the high 80s here in the Deep South too. It is kinda wierd because a fair has been going on here and we were sweating at night but as kids we remember being cold and wearing jackets. Makes you wonder about the whole global warming thing. :)

  • Sounds like you are having lovely weather. I say grab a good book and just hang outside! Oh and I’d say if you aren’t enjoying a book, move on :)

  • Good luck with “Descartes’ Bones and welcome home to your sister…enjoy the good weather while you can…I lived in the Midwest for two years and HATED THE WINTERS…lol.

  • fyrefly

    Blech – I love fall in Chicago, but not when it’s so hot. Kind of defeats the purpose. It’s been about the same here – sunny and high 70s/low 80s. Pretty, but I want some rainy fall days where I can curl up with some cider and read.

  • You and I are reading the exact same books, except I’m starting Descartes’ Bones later tonight. I hope I like it more than you do – otherwise it might get a lot of really bad, sorry-I-couldn’t-finish-this reviews!

  • :-)

    it all sounds cool!

    Lemme know how the book turns out anyways :)

  • Okay, in a fit of ambivalence, I decided to stick with the book and have now read the third chapter. Seeing as how I’m more than halfway through, I think I’m going to finish it. It is getting better. I’ll be interested to hear what you decide.

  • We had a beautiful day here, too. We just got a new deck put on our house and I’m hoping to get some relaxing reading done on it very soon. I’m sure that it’s exciting that she will be living with you soon. That can’t help reading a book you’re ambivalent go any faster.

  • Here in South Dakota, we woke up to a light dusting of snow. I’d much rather have the summer weather! I have not left my house since Friday. Sadly, I didn’t get much reading done either.

  • sounds like this “descartes’ bones” (which, I agree with Rebecca, the proper apostrophe placement should be descartes’s) is a hard one to get through…don’t think i’ll be adding it to my amazon wishlist.

  • The second half of Descartes’ Bones was significantly better than the first half, and things really picked up in the last 70 pages or so. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it (I’ll probably give it 3.5 out of 5). I was curious to know how it all ended, and I feel like I learned some interesting and useful information…I’d say stick with it, but only if you’re not dying to move on to something else.