Read-athon, end of hour 4

I’m starting to think I have a cursed relationship with the read-athon.  Last time I was having issues with my blog, having just switched over from WordPress to self-hosting, and couldn’t post at times.  Now my whole internet keeps going out.  With my last post I even had to restart it a second time just to publish what I had written.

Anyway, more non-stop reading.  My google reader is going to be insane whenever I finally have consistent internet but, what can you do?  I’m on page 543 of “Breaking Dawn,” so I’m approaching the end and thinking somewhat about what I will read next.
I hope everyone else’s technology is behaving better than mine!

7 comments to Read-athon, end of hour 4

  • :-(

    But just think of all the pages you will have read!

  • Have you read all of those 543 pages in just 4 hours?? You are a reading machine! I am duly impressed. Hope the internet calms itself down…

    (PS – Thank you for the link to Gargantuan Books, it has made my cheerleading task much easier!)

  • Sorry to hear your internet isn’t cooperating. How frustrating! But maybe that means you can read more! (I tend to get distracted on the internet.)

    Glad you’re getting some good reading in!!

    Sunny (a cheerleader)

  • Damn it.. how can u have possible read so many pages?!!!!!!!!! I am insanely impressed!! u r like my idol 😀 😀

    i can’t even think of reading so many 😉 okay i m slow… but u r too fast 😀

    good work.. dnt worry abt technology…it is here to always deceive at the last moment heheh!

    u read on…!! YAY! good work ok?! have FUN!

  • I hope your internet smartens up! I can’t wait to see what you think of Breaking Dawn. I have it but haven’t started it yet. Happy Reading!

  • Amy

    Internet frustrations are the worst!!

  • Ali

    The internet must be telling you to read more and browse/post less. I hope it shapes up soon, though. What’s the fun of a readathon if all you do is read? LOL