Read-athon: End of Hour 2

I’ve pretty much been reading for the last two hours straight, pausing only to microwave leftover Thai food (yes, pad kee mao is sort of an odd breakfast, I know) and constantly reset the wireless router.  My internet seems to be going out pretty regularly.  I’ll reset it and it will work for about 5 minutes, so I haven’t visisted anyone else yet.  Maybe that’s good, though, I got so distracted seeing what everyone else was doing last time, that I got a lot less read than I had hoped. 

I think a nap may be coming in the next couple of hours.  I didn’t sleep all that well last night and I’m not going to be doing any caffeine today, so I already know I won’t be reading the WHOLE 24 hours.  I’m sort of hoping that if I take enough 30-45 minute naps I can stay up later tonight, though.


So far I haven’t finished anything, but I’m 345 pages through “Breaking Dawn,” by Stephenie Meyer.  It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be based on some people’s reviews.  Perhaps reading all of the books within a month and a half or so (and just reading “Eclipse” yesterday) actually helped my enjoyment.  I didn’t have time (and really didn’t care enough either, but that’s a different story) to wonder constantly what was going to happen next.  That plus some luke-warm reviews kept me from building up the next installment of this supernatural soap opera.  


Back to reading!  If my internet stays on, I’ll try to visit some of you in the next hour.

3 comments to Read-athon: End of Hour 2

  • Sounds like your wireless router knows it’s the read-a-thon and is helping to keep you focused. 😀

  • Sorry about your internet. It’s great when it works, but a pain when it doesn’t.

  • You are most likely off visiting blogs or napping but I am just getting to stop in. This hour is almost over. I am glad to hear Breaking Dawn isn’t as bad as I had heard too. I was halfway through the third book before I had to return it to the library so now I have to wait until the person who has is now to finish it before I can finish it myself. Then I will read Breaking Dawn because I get itchy just thinking about reading a series out of order 😀