Good Morning Read-athon

I didn’t even set an alarm this morning, but my body must have known it was time for the read-athon, because it woke up a nice 15 minutes before the start (allowing me to start not TOO late, since I still had to write this post).  I’m starting on the couch with my pile of books, because my husband is nowhere near ready to wake up and it is too dark to read in our room without turning on a light.  I’ve got a nice pile of books to keep my company, though!

I still haven’t figured out where I’m starting.  “Descartes’ Bones” is one that I need to just go ahead and finish, but I think I’m going to save that until I’m in the groove more.

In case you hadn’t heard about the read-athon until RIGHT NOW and want to join, click the picture of the woman reading in my sidebar to be taken to the information page.  If you simply want to follow along with what others are doing in the read-athong, check out, a feed of all of the readers’ latest posts.  

Happy Reading!

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