Alive in Necropolis Winners, Book Funk Update

We have selected the two winners for the “Alive in Necropolis” contest.  Ti of Book Chatter and Other Stuff was the winner chosen by and Doug chose Riva’s epitaph as his favorite.  The winning epitaph read:

Jane Doe
1956 – 2050

There was always
Just One More Book

Ladies, I’ll be getting your addresses and Doug will be sending you your books.

As for my book funk, this last week was a nice little vacation.  Boomshine was a huge favorite at the beginning of the week (thanks Nicki!).  Later in the week, though, I took to watching things on my laptop instead of on the tv.  I had to ditch boomshine at that point because there didn’t seem to be a way to turn the sound off.  At that point I began to play a lot of Mah Jong, as well as some of the games.  Since I was sick Friday, I haven’t read since Thursday at lunch time, so I’m looking forward to getting back to it today, even though I’m not crazy about the book I’m reading right now.  My first review back will be tomorrow as I am part of the book tour for “Capote in Kansas,” so check back then!

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