100th Post Giveaway Update

In the 48 hours or so since I posted my 100th Post Giveaway on Monday morning, I already have right about 70 entrants!


I only needed 50 entrants to give away all 15 books in this contest, so this response is sort of overwhelming me.  I’ve decided that since you all are upping the entries, I need to up the prizes.  So, if we get to 75 entrants, I will be adding an additional 5th place prize (1 book).  Clearly I need to add another book to the pile in order for that to work.  If/When we get to 75 entrants, a brand new hardcover copy of this book will be added:

(again, click on the cover for my review)

Note: We reached 75 entrants.  I will add at least one more book if we hit 100.

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