What’s Happenin’?

Since I started this blog and began tracking my reading at the end of February, I have read 107 books (not counting the two I’m working on now), 64 of which were sent to me for review.  Of these 107 books, I have, at this point, posted 97 reviews.  I have six reviews waiting in the wings – some of which are scheduled, some of which are simply backups – as well as four books that are simply not going to be reviewed (mostly audio books or children’s books).

So, I’m getting VERY CLOSE to my

100th book review!

Given my usual pattern of posting reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the 100th review is likely to come next Wednesday but, if I were you, I would check on Tuesday also just to be sure.

Why do you care about my 100th review?

Why, because I’ll be running a contest, of course.  However, I’m not announcing the contest until immediately after my 100th review.  So check back and spread the word; the more entrants, the more books I will give away!

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