TSS: Week in Review

This was a lovely week of books and book blogging with Book Blogger Awareness Week, which was so nicely put on by My Friend Amy.  Unfortunately, I was a bit busier than usual and wasn’t able to participate as much as I would have liked.  I did, however, post quite a few reviews this week:

Monday: Blue Genes by Christopher Lukas
Tuesday: Great Peacemakers by Ken Beller and Heather Chase
Wednesday: Midwife of Blue Ridge by Christine Blevins
Friday: Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium by Dick Meyer
Saturday: Down to a Sunless Sea by Mathias B. Freese

I also had an AMAZING experience on Thursday night at an author event for Ariel Sabar.  If you haven’t already read my post about that author event, you really should.  I got to talk to him, and he remembered my review of his book, “My Father’s Paradise.”   It was very cool.

Before I go, here are some pictures of my cat, Ellie, stealing my copy of “The Whiskey Rebels” (look for my review next week, maybe Wednesday):

12 comments to TSS: Week in Review

  • Well if kitty likes it, I better start reading!

  • Ellie looks like a well read cat! I love the pictures.

  • Such adorable photos! If I’m reading in bed while on my stomach, I often end up with a cat lying across the very section I’m trying to read. :-)

    You post about meeting the author of My Father’s Paradise is what lead to it being on my wish list. I am looking forward to reading that one day.

    Have a great week, Jen!

  • Happy TSS and isn’t it fun to meet authors who actually appreciate us!

  • Eva

    That’s a ton of reviews: good for you! :)

  • Ellie is so adorable. Love the pics! My dog likes to lay across my stomach with his head on my book when we’re in bed. I don’t think he likes my books as much as I do. lol.

  • unfinishedperson

    I didn’t get a chance to participate too much either in BBAW, but it was a great way to connect with other book bloggers– especially new ones with whom I was unfamiliar.

    Re: your photo of your cat. Our cat does the same thing– and lies across the section you’re trying too usually.

  • My cat is currently sitting on top of my book lol. I guess someone decided that they needed even more attention!

  • The Whiskey Rebels must be really good if your kitty covets it! :) I don’t have a cat and never have, but there’s just something about cats and books together that I make me happy. Danny’s allergic to them, so I won’t ever have one unless I’m single – and I really don’t want that to happen. :) Maybe in my old age (Danny is 8 years my senior) I’ll become the crazy book lady who has piles of novels all over the house and one kitty to keep guard of them…

  • Great photos! But I hope the book didn’t put you to sleep, too!

  • Joy – Ha!
    No, actually it kept me up until well after 1 am because, well, 60 pages doesn’t seem like that much when you’ve gone through 440 already, and I wanted to finish.

  • blacklin

    Awww! Ellie is a pretty kitty! I have two myself. They sure do like to assist in all activities, don’t they?