TSS: Contests Old and New

This is a big contest week here at Devourer of Books!  On Thursday, we finally discovered the winners of the Far World contest, and on Friday we discovered that I have been entered in a contest!  I feel extremely honored to have been one of the top 5 nominees for Best General Book Blog as a part of Book Bloggers Appreciation Week; you can view all the nominees in all of the categories here and vote *subliminal message: voteformevoteformevoteforme: end subliminal message* here.

I will post my winners from the Matrimony giveaway at the end of the post, but first I would like to announce a contest for the wonderful new historical fiction novel “The Heretic’s Daughter”

I reviewed this book as part of a Blog Stop Blog Tour last Monday.  I really, really enjoyed this book and am very pleased that Hatchette Book Group has agreed to mail out a copy of this book to one lucky winner from this blog.  Because this book was written by an actual ancestor of Martha Carrier (the protagonist’s mother), this is going to be a themed give-away.  On the post of the review (NOT on this post) I would like you to share one thing from your family’s history you think would be interesting to research as Kathleen Kent researched her family’s history.   If you cannot think of any one specifically interesting ancestor, you can also just mention what time period of your family’s history you think would be interesting to study (immigration, Civil War, whatever).  As usual, you can triple your chances by blogging about this contest, or by emailing 5 friends to tell them about this contest and copying me at devourers.books(at)gmail(dot)com.  Enter by Wednesday, September 17th.


Now, for the winner of a beautiful, inscribed copy of Matrimony!

I put my whole list of names into Random.org’s list randomizer, and here’s what came out:


There were 42 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Alyce
  2. Kathleen
  3. Alyce
  4. MonieG
  5. Carla
  6. Amy
  7. MonieG
  8. Melody
  9. Kimberly
  10. Terri
  11. Natasha
  12. Melody
  13. Shauna
  14. Erisian
  15. Dana
  16. Dana
  17. Linda
  18. Jessica
  19. Erisian
  20. Yan
  21. Erisian
  22. Anna
  23. Lenore
  24. Terri
  25. Anita
  26. Yan
  27. Terri
  28. Dana
  29. Sandy
  30. Kathy
  31. MonieG
  32. Bonnie
  33. Melody
  34. Bonnie
  35. Shonda
  36. Shelly
  37. IUBookGirl
  38. Montrealgirl2005
  39. Bonnie
  40. Kimberly
  41. Kimberly
  42. Yan

Which, of course, makes the winner Alyce of At Home With Books!

Happy contests all!

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