The River, By Moonlight – Book Review and Blog Tour

The River, By Moonlight by Camille Marchetta

“The River, By Moonlight” is a deceptively quiet book.

Henrietta Canning awakes one morning in April, 1917 to the sort of phone call that every parent dreads.  A girl was seen falling – or did she jump? – into the Hudson River in New York City.  A purse wrapped around her wrist proclaimed her Lily Canning.  Was it her?  Did someone take her purse?

What follows is the story of how family, friends, and community deal with the tragic loss of a talented young woman.  Eight of Lily’s friends and loved ones each get to share with us their thoughts and feelings as they find out about and deal with her death.

I was sort of apprehensive about this book through the end of the first chapter.  It started out a bit slow and I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting.  By the time I got through the second chapter, though, I was intrigued.  It worked very well for me to sit down and read a single chapter each time I sat down to read.  In that way I savored the book and kept each individual’s memories of Lily from running together.  By the end I was really very much enjoying this book and was extremely pleased to see Lily get to tell the story of the last day of her life herself in one of the very last chapters.

This was a lovely book and one I would definitely recommend.

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