The Hunt for the Seventh – Book Review

The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw

Release date: Tuesday, September 30th.

Jim has just moved to Minerva Estate where his recently-widowed father was hired as head gardener.  With his younger sister Sally being the only other child on the estate and strict rules as to where he can and cannot go, Jim is initially somewhat bored.  Before too long, however, Jim meets an unusual boy he nicknames Einstein and begins hearing voices, voices urgently whispering “find the seventh.”

This was a very entertaining children/young adult mystery book.  The plot was complicated enough to be interesting, but not so complicated as to become convoluted.  Like Creepers, “The Hunt for the Seventh” does not contain sex or foul language.  There was some violence, but it was all either accidental (something tipping over and falling on someone) or mostly implied – really spectacularly little violence for what is essentially a murder mystery.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience reading “The Hunt for the Seventh” and I hope Ms. Morton-Shaw keeps writing.

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16 comments to The Hunt for the Seventh – Book Review

  • Charley

    A murder mystery with little violence sounds intriguing. I like to see how authors manage to evoke suspense and fear without giving way to gore.

  • I agree, sounds intriguing. I should read this.

  • Christine Morton-Shaw

    Thank you for your intelligent comments on my novel. You are right … trying to get the balance between having a murder mystery for a younger readership without too much gratuitous violence kept me awake many a night!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    kind regards,
    Christine X

  • Emily

    The Hunt for the Seventh was a great book! I would definately recommend it.

  • Noely

    Love it, couldn’t stop reading to know what’s gonna happen next, but dissapointed by the ending (the part of Einstein), looking forward for the new book

  • Marissa

    im on like page 90 so far it is one of the best books ive read so far although my fave books are wings and spells by aprilynn pike but i love readinng murder mystery books so exciting i had to leave itat school so i dont read too much lol buti would definitaly recommend it

  • Liam

    I am a teen and in my class we are required to read a book on our own every quarter. I was jumping through my teacher’s library very quickly and stumbled on this book. I am glad I did because I can write an essay in it with ease.In fact, I am doing that report as we speak. Just wanted to say it is a great book for teen readers. I highly recommend it for independent reading. Great work Christine!

  • Roberto nieves

    the book is awsome and im from puerto rico viva boricua

  • rachel won

    AWESOME! This book is freaky. i loved how the author used the word bloodcurlding

  • rachel won

    i REALLY hope another book connected to this comes out as seris

  • Eaindra Yamin

    I love murder-mystery books. This book is absolutely amazing and really interesting. You’ve got anticipation building up here and there. And every page that I read, it leaves me wondering, what is going to happen next? Will Jim be able to find the Seventh in time?

    I have chosen this book as my book project for english because it’s just that good! 😀