For those of you who don’t know, my little sister will soon be moving to the Chicagoland area.  She will be living with my husband and I for at least the first month or so that she is here, until she finds a job and an apartment (hey, if you are in PR/Advertising in Chicago and want to give her a job, let me know!).  I told her that she’s not allowed to bring more than 5 or so books, because my book shelves already can’t hold what I have.  She has agreed that she’s just bringing a few Chuck Palahniuk because I don’t read his stuff and she likes him.  This isn’t a huge deal for her, because she isn’t the world’s biggest reader.  She’s been reading more and more lately, though, and is excited to have her very own lending library at my house.  Here’s a discussion we just had on google chat:
Jillian: Immortal sounds good

Jen: It was
you can read it

Jillian: Put that in my TBRWIGTC pile

In case you didn’t catch that, it is the “To Be Read When I Get to Chicago” pile.

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