Rune Warriors – Book Review

RuneWarriors by James Jennewein and Tom S. Parker

Release date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008

“RuneWarriors” is the story of Dane and his friends, a band of 13-year old Vikings who set out to avenge their town and rescue the lovely Astrid from the grips of Thidrek the Terrifying.

Boys that like fart jokes will probably like “RuneWarriors.” Come, on, I mean one of the characters is named “Fulnir the Stinking.” However, although the story really picks up and becomes fairly engaging towards the end, this book has a lot of issues. One incredibly frustrating thing was the frequent use of anachronism. I would expect a book for ages 8-12 to attempt to connect with the readers in some way, but not the blatantly modern terminology used here. The characters would have been more believable as 15 than they were at 13, which might have allowed the writers to bump up their targeted ages to 10-15, which would have allowed for the style to flow much more smoothly.

Basically this is a fun adventure book, but definitely not a great one.

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6 comments to Rune Warriors – Book Review

  • That’s a shame. I’ve realy been looking forward to reading this one. I’ll still read it, but I’m definitely less enthusiastic about it after reading your review.

  • I’m glad you’ll still read it, since it was fun. However, I’m also sort of glad that you’re less enthusiastic, because I think that it is likely that now you’ll enjoy it more. I think that if you went into this book with really high expectations you would be sort of disappointed.

  • T. Samson

    I found Rune Warriors to be a great read that is full of heart, suspense, and laughs. The fact that the self proclaimed “devourer of books” not only couldn’t see the complexity in Fulnir the Stinking’s character, but couldn’t get past the name, is a shame. There are only a handful of so-called “fart jokes” in this wonderfully written novel. To capitalize on that truly displayed that the “devourer of books” missed what this book is really about.

  • will there be a rune warriors part 2 coming out where dane and lut’s terrifying dream comes true

  • Robert D.

    My son and I read this book together and we both loved it. I hope there is a sequel or a movie. I like how these writers think!

  • collin

    You are so mistaken Mr. Book Devourer. I’m a 12 year-old boy and I loved this book ! If there is a movie, I will be first in line.