Months and Seasons: Stories – Book Review

Months and Seasons: Stories by Christoper Meeks

“Months and Seasons” is a particularly refreshing book of short stories.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a book of short stories whose characters and situations seem so varied, even though most were males in the United States.  Even the narration style was varied, alternating between first- and third-person, even a story in second-person narration, which is fairly unusual.

From the very first story, I felt close to the protagonists.  It was as if a friend or close acquaintance was recounting a night, day, week, or year from his or her life.  The characters all seemed quirky and easy to relate to.  Meeks is very talented in being able to flesh out his characters in very few pages.  Actually, perhaps a better analogy than a friend or acquaintance telling you the story, they seemed like stories one might overhear on a train or in an airport.  They were stories that did not always give you a large degree of background on the characters, but still made them seem like real people.

Overall, I think this is a lovely story collection and it is one that I can definitely recommend.

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