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Midwife of the Blue Ridge by Christine Blevins

As a young girl, Maggie was the only survivor of a bloody attack on her Scottish village by Prince William, the “Butcher of Cumberland”.  Orphaned and alone, she eventually makes her way to the home of Hannah Cameron, a gifted and generous midwife who teaches Maggie all of her skills.  Despite Maggie’s ability as a midwife, she is considered by the people of Hannah’s village to be cursed and eventually decides to make her way to America as an indentured servant, essentially selling herself into slavery for a period of four years.  The majority of the book takes place in America and revolves around Maggie’s relationships with the people around her and with life on the wild and often lawless frontier.

I really enjoyed “Midwife of the Blue Ridge”.  I found Maggie and most of the people around her to be likable characters.  The storyline was very engaging and the relationships realistic.  I’m not sure if “Midwife of the Blue Ridge” is best classified as historical fiction or historical romance, but if it is the latter, Blevins refrained from excessively explicit love scenes, which made me happy.  I particularly liked that Blevins included some mid-18th century historical ‘flavor’ from both sides of the Atlantic; the scenes in both Scotland and America were rich and well written.

This is a book I would absolutely recommend for those who want enjoyable historical fiction.

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