History Comes Alive on Devourer of Books

This is going to basically be Historical Fiction week here on Devourer of Books.  I have reviews out or coming out of three very different historical fiction novels.

This morning I posted my review of “Sarah’s Key,” a dual-time period story dealing with the roundup of French Jews by the Vichy government during World War II.  “Sarah’s Key” puts a very human face on a very inhumane period of history.

Wednesday I will be posting my review of “The Whiskey Rebels” by David Liss, author of “A Conspiracy of Paper.”  Dealing with the difficulties faced by the young American nation within the first two decades of independence, “The Whiskey Rebels” is extrodinarily well-researched and rich.

On Friday my review of “Immortal” by Traci Slatton will be posted.  Like “The Whiskey Rebels,” “Immortal” is incredibly well-reseached, spanning nearly two centuries of Florentine history.

There is also a chance for the surprise review of another highly anticipated book of historical fiction either Thursday or Saturday.  If you checked my “Currently Reading” in the last 12 hours, you may know what it is.

2 comments to History Comes Alive on Devourer of Books

  • I’m looking forward to your review of Immortal, I’ve heard a lot of things about it!

  • I liked Immortal quite a bit. I read it earlier in the year and I think my favorite parts where when the main character meets Giotto.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your historical reads — I’ve been on quite a history kick lately too!