Google Thinks I’m Fat…

I think that Google thinks I am fat.  Or perhaps that I have 6 pack abs.  I’m not sure which.  I literally see this ad almost every day on my blog and, for the life of me, I have no clue what content is causing it to come up.

Have you ever seen totally bizarre ads on a website that didn’t seem to fit at all?

Or, alternately, do you have ANY idea why this ad is coming up on my site?

14 comments to Google Thinks I’m Fat…

  • I think those ads are quite widely targeted. At, say, women. If it makes you feel any better, when I loaded this page just now, I’ve got book-related ads there. And when I loaded the home page, different ads came up, but still basically book related.

  • What I hate are the ads that “talk” and there is no way to shut them up! There is this one on a website I like that makes this really loud beeping sound over and over too. You have to refresh or go to another page to make it stop. (I got book and blog ads too from your site)

  • Ooh, if I EVER have an ad that ‘talks’ on my site, please send me a polite email to stop being an idiotic jerk. Those ads are terrible.

    So now I have a new theory about Google. I think they’re just out to get me =P. This ad was on the front when I posted this, but now you have to scroll through three things. Mostly I just think that ad is absolutely hilarious for a book site, particularly one that doesn’t even review any sort of diet or self-help books. Once I actually got the exact same copy but with two different urls both on the front of my ads.

  • I get a similar ad on facebook. It knows that I’m engaged, so I’m always getting wedding ads anyway, but one that pops up all the time tells me how to be slim for my wedding day.

    Um … I’m already slim, thanks, and my wedding’s not going to be a big deal so the other ads aren’t relevant either. I wish they had an option to get rid of certain ads on these things!

  • I think this is so weird! Maybe I said something to someone once on Facebook, but for a while, the ads would say, “28 and want to lose some weight in time for your vacation?” I thought, “EXACTLY!” How does it know me?! I haven’t been logged in and going to Weight Watchers sites, etc. either! What in the world?!

  • That is so funny. I’ve never even paid attention to the ads before. When I was first on your site, they were all for book related items; now that I’m on your comment page, I see 1 (not 10) rule of a flat stomach. That is strange.

  • That’s kinda funny. Maybe it has something to do with your title- does google think you devour food, not books?

  • Oooh, Jeane, good thought! That could very well be a part of it!

  • fyrefly

    I’ve seen the flat stomach ad under the National Geographic photo-of-the-day module on my Google home page for the past few weeks, so I don’t think it’s just you.

    The weirdest targeting I’ve ever seen is that I think I mentioned Alberta in my facebook status *once* (when I was going on vacation two months ago), and ever since, all of my ads have been “Single In Calgary???”

  • Jeane beat me to it! I reckon they think you actually devour the books – obviously the content of your refrigerator is not quite satisfying enough. Personally, if I was a neighbourhood pet in your area or a small child, I wouldn’t sit still too long. I get the impression that your appetite must be voracious! 😉

  • I think this is all my fault. I just come to this site too often and I’m definitely in need of some help. :)

  • (I’m not fat….I’m fluffy……;o)

  • Ti

    …and the Ravenous Reader part. I’m sure that has something to do with it too. BTW..I got The Necklace today. I promise to read it and review it as soon as possible. Pinky promise!