Blogging for Darfur

Every so often, something comes along that tugs at our heart strings.  Unfortunately, most of us dismiss the tragedy we see as too big or too difficult for us to be able to make a difference.  If we’re truly lucky, someone comes along and shows us that, although the problem is huge, there is a way we can make a difference.

Natasha of Maw Books is that person for the book blogging community right now.  She has been very touched by the crisis of genocide in Darfur, and she has decided to do something about it.  She has already been raising awareness through her blog posts for months, but she is going to do even more in the month of September.

(click the button to go to Natasha’s page)

Everything that Natasha reads and blogs in September will raise money for the people of Darfur.  First, what she’s doing:

  • Donating 25 cents for each person who blogs about this awareness and money-raising project
  • Donating 25 cents for each person who keeps the above button in their sidebar for all of September
  • Donating 10 cents for each comment left on her blog during September
  • Donating 50 cents for each movie watched or book read from this page – donating $1 if those books or movies are reviewed on someone’s blog.

Here’s what YOU can do:

  • If you have a blog, write about her project and add the button to the sidebar!
  • Comment on her blog!
  • Read one of the books or watch one of the movies on this page then tell Natasha!
  • Commit to donate a penny for every page Natasha reads this month
  • Commit to donate 50 cents for every post Natasha writes this month.
  • All of the above!

I am planning on doing every one of these things.  What are YOU going to do?

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